Monday (1/14)

100 Dwarf Death Knight
Classes begin again for me this week. Welp, at least I'm going back to campus and socializing again.

It's Monday, January 14th, 2013. And I'm wearing my Alliance T-shirt.

[IG] No luck with gear on my shaman, not much luck with Firelands transmog gear on my monk, and I need to do BT, Hyjal, and Sunwell on my shaman to get the T6 set. Cause it's blue.

[RL] Waiting for when I'm supossed to go to class. Shouldn't be much longer now...

[IC] Og's... being Og.


How are y'all doin' today?
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100 Gnome Warlock
Weeelllll, haven't been in game much recently. My mother is having issues, in that she didn't want to take her medications and decided to try and run away from the nurse :(

She got away alright, not bad for an 80 year old, unfortunately she found a flight of stairs and proceeded to fall down them, breaking her arm and nose and getting a concussion. So, been dealing with that for the past week and a half.
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86 Night Elf Priest
01/14/2013 07:28 AMPosted by Ogumel
Welp, at least I'm going back to campus and socializing again.

01/14/2013 07:28 AMPosted by Ogumel
And I'm wearing my Alliance T-shirt.

LOL, do those two things go together or is that the ultimate contradiction? ^_~

Iki ... YIPES. Does she live reasonably near you, at least? (I imagine she's rather ornery and not letting a broken arm, nose, or concussion slow her down much.)

I was way way too busy over the weekend, so not a peep into WOW. Mmmmm, drinking and dancing. Ewww being hit on by creepy old guys. (ROFL, if I hit on a guy, would they complain about the creepy old woman ... or be thinking "Cougar! SCORE!" Y'know, I think we ladies have it easier.)

I have been dabbling away at my novel, adding 500-1000 words per day, so that's going well. I'm living up to my self-imposed commitment to write at least half an hour daily.

Gonna try to poke into WOW tonight, if nothing else than about 15-30 minutes to make sure I've got no mail decaying, keep my guilds intact, and maybe say hi if anyone is about.

/tar Bite

/tar Sentinels
/dangle cat toy over Silver's head
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100 Gnome Warlock
She lives in Utah near my sister now, so I spent a bit of time down there. So tired now though, I think I need a rest after my vacation during the holidays.
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