A few questions about Resto Shaman raid heal.

90 Goblin Shaman
So I have never raid healed before but made this shaman for MOP with the intention of doing so. The only experience I have healing raid is LFR on my Holy Paladin in Cata and I don't really count that as raid healing.

These are questions I'm curious about pertaining to healing a 10-man Normal.

What should I shoot for in spirit? (looking for a general number others have that keep them from OOMing on encounters.)

What should I aim to get in mastery? (I've seen some places say 50%, really just looking for a confirmation on this)

What should I aim to get in crit?

What is the first haste breakpoint? I think I saw somewhere that it is 871 and the second is something like 3271.

What is our stat priority.
Spirit > Intellect > Mastery(50%) > Haste (breakpoint) > Crit
Spirit > Intellect > Mastery(50%) > Crit > Haste (breakpoint)

I'm mainly wondering since both affect our throughput but haste negatively affects mana, and crit positively affects mana.

Constructive feedback would be most appreciated.
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90 Tauren Shaman
I don't recall seeing anything about getting 50% mastery. Most of the stuff I see about mastery and 50% is about it's effectiveness vs other stats when healing a target with less than 50% hp. Mastery is the best throughput stat when healing targets at less than 50% hp.

Since you're a goblin I think you're already naturally at the first haste breakpoint with the swiftness talent and raid buffed.

Anyway it sorts of comes down to personal preference. Mastery is the ultimate progression stat since generally on progression fights everyone is going to be lower on hp. It improves your healing output and your healing effectiveness. I'm of the opinion that progression fights are the only ones that matter so I just stack a ton of mastery and spirit.
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85 Human Paladin
I don't know what kind of level of raiding you're going to be doing, but I'd at least have 11k spirit or so. Masterys good, everyone knows it, crits okay because you cast more single target spells in 10man which means resurgence helps out more, and haste is probably not quite as good as it is for 25s as you chain heal less (I assume?)

Also, abuse HST. Recall it right before it ends and its free.
Call of the elements is useless. Totemic restoration or whatever the one that isnt projection is better, as HTT's burst healing is probably much more than you need for 10man, and the raid will be topped halfway through so recalling it when the raid is already full will lead to more HTTs. It's also needed for things like shek tremor toteming.
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90 Night Elf Druid
01/15/2013 10:26 AMPosted by Nazzak
What should I shoot for in spirit?

10kish is a nice number. But really it depends on your spell selection and recall usage.

01/15/2013 10:26 AMPosted by Nazzak

3039 for ELW no real need to go higher than that and in 10man elw isn't all that effective anyway.

01/15/2013 10:26 AMPosted by Nazzak
What is our stat priority.

Depends on your healing partner. Mastery to 50% is just something to shoot for and not really that meaningful. If your raid group like taking extra damage then the more mastery the better.

01/15/2013 10:26 AMPosted by Nazzak
Constructive feedback would be most appreciated.

Enchant your gear and use a meta. Even if you use cheap enchants, do something. It really makes a difference.
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100 Draenei Monk
Shaman stat weights are more of a preference than anything, but you should really be shooting for the first haste break point before anything else. The breakpoint is 871 I think, but you must have the ancestral swiftness talent or the actual breakpoint is much higher.

The difference in throughput between mastery and crit is a little more complicated than the 50% marker. Mastery wins, throughput wise, on targets below 66% health for any spell that does not proc ancestral awakening. So things like healing rain and other non direct spells. If the spell can proc ancestral awakening, crit beats mastery until the target is around 33% hp or below. However that is from purely a throughput standpoint, and since higher crit rating means increased mana returns from resurgence, crit may still be preferred past those values.

Personally I really love crit on my shaman. Some really good shamans stack mastery... some stack crit. Not very many stack haste past the breakpoint, so I would try and avoid getting excess haste if at all possible. In general mastery will most likely pull ahead on progression content because when a group is still learning a fight, people tend to take more damage and have lower average health.

As for shooting for a specific mastery level that is entirely false. Mastery is a linear stat, so there is no such thing as a mastery breakpoint. For spirit, just stack it until you feel comfortable with your mana levels. If you oom constantly and you feel you have good spell selection and recall usage, try and get more spirit or even crit. If you are constantly swimming in mana, shed some spirit for your preferred throughput stat.

edit: Realized you are a goblin, so your haste breakpoint will be less than 871... probably such a low number you cant even reforge out of enough haste.
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