Disc priests have been gutted, please explain

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01/19/2013 05:09 PMPosted by Tazor
I mean how hard is it to bring the numbers to within 5% between classes??

Guessing it is very difficult. Otherwise they would get it done. There are lots of external factors that change things and too many combos of things to be tested thoroughly. Disc was okay at the beginning of the expac. Said it before and will say it agian, they scale with gear. They always have. The sheer amount of outcry that i am broken because i am in 463's and not facerolling through content made them buff priests where it probably was not needed.

It's unfortunate what is happening but it has to be done.

Personally i think they should have went after ss as no other class brings a 1 minute raid cd that powerful. Maybe by defacto the PoH nerf will get it in line.
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01/20/2013 07:37 AMPosted by Harpoa
Disc was okay at the beginning of the expac.

No, it was absolutely not OK. The spec had serious mechanical issues which were just as bad (if not worse) on beta raid testing in 496 gear as they were in 463s on live. The problem is that Blizzard 'solved' them with a sledgehammer.

Forum Mod: (wakes GC up at 6AM on Saturday after a night of heavy drinking) "GC, the priests are QQing, they've been going on about healing in beta for months and they won't quit and now it's all over the healing forum!"

GC: "...ugh. I thought they'd give up by now. Buff Prayer of Healing and Prayer of Mending 25%. That should shut them up." (goes back to sleep)

Then they compounded that with the DA and Rapture buffs, which were multiplicative with the initial PoH buff. The end result was the current monstrosity. And it is terrible and should never have happened, I agree.

But you're wrong if you think Disc would be balanced if they just rolled it back to launch state. It needed the Atonement range buff and a couple of the other smaller tweaks, and it needed something done about the mana situation (although buffing Rapture scaling was absolutely the wrong way to go about it). And I suspect even with all that it might have needed a small numbers adjustment.
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