Monk or Pally?

90 Human Paladin
Both my Monk and my Pally are about to hit 90 and i want one to be healing and one to be tank spec. Which combo would be the best? (ive done both dps until 90 so i just want advice)
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Mistweaver Monks and Holy Paladins have completely different tools and styles.

I feel like Holy Paladin is easier to pick up and understand than Mistweaver (and probably just flat-out easier, tbh). Holy Paladins have a fairly traditional healing style - lots of large direct heals, but we have a nice long-duration HoT with a talent now, we have our Mastery shields that stack up, of course there's Beacon of Light, etc etc. Holy Paladins are not hurting for cooldowns or utility either.

MW on the other hand (and I'm not really an expert on the spec, my Monk has wisely stuck to tanking) is focused largely on melee range. You do have and need to use ranged healing spells, of course, but you also proc healing off of your melee damage abilities. There's a lot of stuff to micromanage while juggling the two styles of healing, like Mana Tea stacks, your Chi (comparable to a Paladin's Holy Power I guess), stupid Healing Sphere placement, etc.

As far as tanking goes? Both Prot Pally and BrM Monk are a blast. They have different playstyles, but I think they're both quite fun.
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01/14/2013 01:45 AMPosted by Tailias
Mistweaver Monks and Holy Paladins have completely different tools and styles.

This couldn't be any closer to the truth.

Playing a Paladin is a lot like playing something like being behind a control room for a huge healing rocket or something. There's a lot of buttons, a lot of things that could happen if you don't manage cooldowns the right way - but when you need big results a simple flip of switches and you get big things.

Mistweaver on the other hand is a little odd in that they have a bit of every class in them. There's a lot of spatial awareness required from the MW. You have to sort of think like a melee player with Fistweaving since it's good to do so. You have to keep track of your HoTs, and you of course have to manage Chi.

The closest thing that Paladins and MW's have in common is a second resource but outside of that they couldn't be any more different from each other than they already are now.

I have both (my MW is far greater geared than my Paladin), and I say go with what you think is cool.
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90 Human Paladin
Thanks for all the advice, i think ima do a holy pally. and my monk may just dps now since my DK is Blood spec now. :)
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