<Impressive> is currently recruiting for its 1800+ rated RBG group.

This group meets Wednesday 9-11 PM EST and will resume 1/9/2012.

Plan is to raise our rating as much as possible before the next season is released and to have a team that works fluidly for the start of the next season.

Post which spec(s) you PvP in (and have gear proper gear for), and your experience (arena and/or RBG) for an invite. For review, it is recommended that you log out in your best PvP gear so that I can confirm you to be a successful candidate.

Cross-transfer characters are all accepted at this time. However, our ultimate goal is to be one server in one guild. As such, players from Dawnbringer or that are in the process of transferring will be prioritized. If you're committed to us we'll be committed to you.

Our team composition is:
Flag Carrier (1)
*Guardian Druid

Healers (3):
*Holy Paladin Healer
*Mistweaver Monk
*Restoration Shaman

Damage (6)
*Shadow Priest
*Mage/hunter/other caster

If your class does not fit in this composition but you are still interested in joining one of Impressive's RBGs post your details below. Our other teams may have an opening for you!