Priest or Pally?

Hello fellow WoW players I am hoping to get some input on my choice of healers, I've been playing since right before BC dropped and have mostly tanked and dps'd some. I just leveled a shaman to 71 but transfered to a different server because of a friend going there.

I want to pve heal but have a offspec that can do well in bgs so I've narrowed my choices down to a priest and a pally ... I think lol my shaman was super easy to the point of boredom but I had a lot of fun on him in the lower lvls but heard they are really behind the other healing classes in pve? Any input on that would be greatly appreciated.

Now if shaman really are that bad at the moment I would reroll a priest or pally ( my wife will be tanking with a warrior) what would you guys in the healing community say about the strengths and weaknesses of the two?
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90 Night Elf Druid
If you want to pve and pvp pally is infinitely better than priest at the moment. I haven't tried pvp on the ptr though so I could be behind the times, I suspect not.
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Yeah, I have a friend who pvps on his pally and seems really solid. I've heard a lot of mixed opinions on the priest so far...

Thanks for your input Noxanna :D
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57 Night Elf Monk
Priests are very strong in PvE but I believe that they are receiving a couple small nerfs in 5.2 (specifically mastery scaling of spirit shell) and paladins are getting a couple minor buffs.. so I'd go with the paladin. PvP healing is just kind of in a difficult state right now, so it's hard to pick a healer around that.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Frankly, I'd say pally.

Priest can do decently - but it's a much steeper learning curve IMO because of the dual heal styles, disc being a style within a style, and CD management.

Pallies have a bit more built in durability, options for CC, and fewer odd CDs to manage. The fewer spells and CDs pallies have leave you a bit more room to focus on everything else as well, and the pure heals per se are a bit stronger. Priests are mostly mitigation for disc, with direct heals as secondary - and it's really not easy to anticipate the heavy damage PvP sometimes. Pallies offer very strong direct heals, dual resource, and some mitigation through mastery.
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