"Don't heal him/her"

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Today I was doing a dungeon and the warlock was terrible. He kept trying to tank and getting himself into trouble.

Anyway, my question is, if the tank tells you not to heal someone because they're trying to do his/her job for him (and failing), do you listen?
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90 Pandaren Shaman
In that situation I probably wouldn't heal the warlock even without the tank.

but no, if the tank wanted to make healing decisions then he should have chosen to be a healer.
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90 Pandaren Monk
If a non-tank is doing things which cause him to take damage far beyond what he should be taking, I will warn him to be more careful/offer some info (politely) which might help him... if he continues to be a liability, then I let him die as many times as it takes, continuing to provide any information they may ask for.
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90 Draenei Paladin
I make the call who I heal. Why didn't you guys just vote kick him?
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I don't listen to tanks about stuff like that.

In general I won't make executive decisions about who in the group I heal or don't. I generally just try to perform my role and keep people alive. It's part of the hyppopotimal oath.

As to whether a dps is terrible for causing trouble. The real question that needs to be asked, i think, is whether the group is (or could be) going faster or slower. How is his dps? In certain circumstances the behavior you described could be symptomatic of a problem with the tank.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Depends on the situation.
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90 Pandaren Monk
01/10/2013 08:01 PMPosted by Salvian
In certain circumstances the behavior you described could be symptomatic of a problem with the tank.

Very true.

I personally really enjoy a run where the tank mega pulls. However, I'm of the opinion that a tank shouldn't do that if a) they don't know how to use their own cooldowns (amazing how often they don't, and yet still expect to chain-pull big pulls... though the OP being lvl 23, the tank's not going to have any real cooldowns yet) and/or b) one or more of the other 4 people finding themselves on that run don't know how to manage the situation.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Depending on the dungeon you can get more or less to Northrend without total dps incompetence causing excessive problems. Amount of heirloom gear also plays a factor.

I get annoyed with sloppy dps, because while plenty of them are happy to pull mobs for the tank they also tend to be oblivious to excess incoming damage and to keeping mobs off of the healer.

Low level dugeons are so full of impatient unskilled DPS that I normally just let it slide. But once you get to a dungeons where incompetence can cause repeated wipes it's worth politely letting the DPS know how they're screwing up the run and slowing it down for everyone.

Also tell them how not to screw it up, because they may not know.

If they persist then it's reasonable to vote kick them, or allow them to start experiencing educational deaths. If they complain about that, you can explain that tanks and healers conspiring to kill antisocial DPS is a time honored tradition in WoW ( just hope that they don't know about the tradition of antisocial DPS aggroing the whole instance and then leaving group ).
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90 Pandaren Shaman
i scream "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME" and heal the person extra. :P
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6 Pandaren Priest
My tank is my real-life wife. So, when she says not to heal somebody I obey. :)
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Yeah, I usually listen to the tank and stop heals. And when I tank and I get that situation, I'll ask the heal to stop heals on him.

The tank sets the pace of pulling, and dps should not be tanking. My philosophy is "you pull it, you tank it" and I will let the dps die as many times as they need before they learn to stop pulling mobs.
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Meh, it depends.

If I feel up to it I will ignore the tank and heal a pull happy dps if the tank is moving to slow for my taste or if I want a challenge.

HOWEVER, I draw the line at people who pull off the tank intentionally or out of sheer stupidity. For example, if a hunter doesnt turn taunt off I usually let their pet die and then them if the tank doesnt peel off them. (Normally I will heal pets because it doesnt take that much, as long as they dont have growl on.) I also wont heal a dps who intentionally blasts out so much deeps that they end up with aggro. (This doesn't happen often however as most dps understand to watch their aggro.)

I am aware tanking is a hard job so when people do things to make it harder then I dont mind letting them eat the repair bill. I guess it really depends on the situation not on peoples requests.
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I heal who I can heal, stop healing them when I can't and they don't move out of the goo, (almost always) let the other people do their jobs without comment - and I certainly don't take those kinds of directives from other players.

Of course, it doesn't help that on the very rare occasion when a tank has directed me to stop healing a player, the player who's at the top of my list for "Least Valuable Player in This Run" has been the tank. Whether it's because he's letting the other's player's (whatever) distract him, or what, I can't say - but I've never had a phenomenal, great, or even good tank demand that I stop healing a player, it's always (like the 3 or 4 times in 2 years of play that it's actually happened) a tank that is marginal at best.

The only exception to this was the hunter who kept pulling and wouldn't put his pet off of growl (ages ago, before the changes to pet threat), who was first asked nicely by the tank, told to stop by the tank and others when he continued, and then still pulled. But even that doesn't really count, as I was already no longer healing him when the tank asked me not too.

(That kind of thing hasn't happened in a long while, I wonder if there has been a change to the votekick process - if I recall correctly, we couldn't kick him for some reason.)

The only time in recent memory when a tank demanded that I stop healing a player, it was my Guild Leader he wanted me to stop healing - and I didn't even notice until after we finished the boss. (This is also a tank that pulled one of my 3 least favorite sucky tank moves - running into the next room and pulling while I was rezzing a DPS after combat ended, breaking the rez and wasting my mana - and of course making me scramble to GET LOS again before he died. )

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01/10/2013 11:35 PMPosted by Fluffy
i scream "YOU'RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME" and heal the person extra. :P


I just ignore everyone and heal everyone who needs to be healed. Don't get involved. BUT if you're healing DPS to the point where they're sucking out mana needed to keep the tank from dying, then that's where you might want to stop trying.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I don't do anything like that because someone tells me to.

I frequently have issues with melee classes pulling aggro while trying to kill things, especially if the dps is well geared and the tank is poorly geared.

If the person pulling agro is inconveniencing *me* because it's very hard to keep them up, then yes I will absolutely let them die every pull, and then if they do it more than thrice, I will vote kick them. (Unless I think the tank is at fault, which I'll vote kick them.)

However, if I can keep them up while tanking without too much effort, I will just heal them as I will heal the tank. It would take too long to keep rezzing them and I usually just want to get in and out as quickly as possible.
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90 Human Paladin
I barely pay attention in 5 mans. I'm usually reading forums on monitor #2 and just keeping an eye on grid in my peripheral vision. If the person is performing that badly, they will likely die anyway. Though, even then, it rarely happens.

Interesting in that I just hit 90 on a mistweaver and its pretty easy to pop Renewing Mists, healing totem statue thing, and just pop Soothing Mist on the tank, and go back to forums for a bit. Even with bad gear, I almost never see anyone die because the passive healing HPS is way more than enough to cover the damage from people ignoring most mechanics. I tend to pay attention in the spots where I know healing can get a little tricky. Indirect and passive healing seems to keep bad people alive whether I like it or not.

My point is more that, more often than not, I pay attention so little I don't know who is getting the heals, who is playing badly, or read what people type in chat unless I'm curious and scroll back in the chat log. I usually don't.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I've never had a tank ask me, honestly. On any of my chars. I've also never asked a healer to do so.

If I hate someone I'll BoP em, not heal em, life grip em into tornados, spam lightning bolt/lava burst in lieu of healing them, anything I can to spite them, but I generally keep it between me and them.

Though when tanking I often call people out in /i as morons.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Just remember, if the warlock dies and you're healing with nobody else doing anything, you're next on the menu. =D
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90 Troll Druid
If the warlock is making the run go quicker, I'm definitely healing the warlock.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
01/10/2013 07:16 PMPosted by Hakubi
Anyway, my question is, if the tank tells you not to heal someone because they're trying to do his/her job for him (and failing), do you listen?

Usually if the tank is getting annoyed, I've already hit an annoyance point and have mentioned in instance chat to the offending player "please let the tank do his job, thanks :)"

IF the player continues pulling like a truck charging ahead of the tank - I let them know if they continue, they will be having coffee with the rez angel.

I don't think I've ever had a tank have to mention anything. If the dps isn't taking enough damage to need more than atonement heals or the Light of Dawn's I'm throwing anyway, they're not slowing us down. If they run heedless into danger, since I won't leave my group to charge after them, they'll likely die.
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