<Order of the Ancient> Says Farewell

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Due to the chain loss of core players that has occurred or will be occurring between January and April 2013 <Order of the Ancient> has hung up its banner and will no longer be officially raiding. The loss of some to school, a valuable raid leader to new progression territory, an officer to his career, and our tank to upcoming intercollegiate sports has been a blow to the team that I will not try to recover from. Our other raid team, that has not quite fully formed since its beginnings in November has also come to an end at this time for reasons that should be evident to experienced RL’s and GM’s.
It’s been my pleasure to have been able to raid with the each and every one of you since I formed the team on the second week of March in 2012. It has been a short journey for us, but we were not immune to what all teams are laden with; perpetual team building, colorful personalities, frustrations, politics, achievements, losses, friendships and broken friendships. Perhaps unique to us though, was that we began without a guild to call home. Many thanks to this guild’s last GM for hosting us when we stepped out with 5 raiders in dungeon blues, a desire to conquer DS, and no official title for our team.
MoP was the pinnacle of raiding for us. Our team has never been stronger; our DPS was never heavier and as controlled, our tanks were never as proficient and durable, and our healers were never as practiced and qualified. It was an experience for some of us in being seasoned and for many others it was your first time stepping into a raid. You all shaped this team and refined it. Good wishes and happy trails, you will always find a friend in me, please stay in touch.
Guild administration is easily a part-time job, and not something I ever had my sights set on when I formed my first raid team. It is however a burden I shouldered when the GM of this guild left, and it is a burden I will pass down to a casual within the guild, as I have no intention of maintaining a guild with no raid teams.
Good luck to the raid teams we yield the field to. There is a nice competition between <Dabu> and <IsThatGnomeOnMyBoots> I am routing for the home team and underdog. But any raid teams that exist fulfill the needs of this server for a place to train new talent. So, hopefully the rest of you can hold the line and endure.
Farewell, and may Elune be with you! 
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OH no :((((((

Your story sounds almost word for word what happened to Phoenix Rising right when the expansion hit :( People weren't unhappy with the guild everyone just seemed to have other things crop up at once then it was too many people to recover from around here (lost a job, got a job with too many hours, school, family member terminally ill and member becoming 24/7 caregiver, I could go on...).

This is terrible news.

/pat Raven and all Oota members.
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This is some sad news :( You all were great competitors in the realm and I enjoyed having you guys constantly be at the top of our progressions.

I wish you all the best in whatever endeavors are taking you all away from the game.

I also truly hope that those that are remaining with the game will stay on the realm and join one of the many guilds that are working to progress. The experience you guys gained being one of our top raiding guilds would be very valuable to any emerging guild. I just can't see how your remaining members wouldn't be heavily recruited. <The Brotherhood of Fire> <needs hugs> <Drama N Mage Tears> <Sixth AD> or anyone else..... Get on it!
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Lets hope the remaining alliance guilds can rise up and give these hordies a run for their money!
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I hate to see this happening to OOTA again =[ It's like deja vu. I'm not sure how many knew me at all from my OOTA days, but this sounds exactly like what happened to my old group. We were progressing fast, having a lot of fun being competitive, and then the season changes and we lost half the team. Pyroblizz, Arkhenos, Ceexx, and Aellaryl all stopped raiding around the same time and it just went downhill from there. Soon, I left as well when Paramount offered me a ranged dps spot due to our lack of raiding for almost a month, but Raven picked up the guild and put it back on it's feet. I loved seeing you guys getting some serious progression in, even though I only really knew 2 of you that were left.

I just hope to see OOTA come back someday. Even though I'm off server, I'll always be rooting for you guys.
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01/15/2013 04:53 PMPosted by Tatiana
Lets hope the remaining alliance guilds can rise up and give these hordies a run for their money!

I'm workin' on it!

It's always sad to see a good guild fall. If any of you need a home with strong leadership and heartfelt motivation, <needs hugs> always has open arms. We have a slot open for a DPS and healer, plus any backups who want a sweet guild to hang out with. =]
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