rate transmog of war above you

90 Human Warrior
You know, I'll give you a 10/10

I love the Wolf head for Orcs, just a lore thing for me (Even better for orc shamans)

Plus the fact you have the defilers tabard makes it even better imo
90 Orc Warrior
6/10 , really not liking the current warrior set
90 Human Warrior
02/10/2013 02:58 AMPosted by Smáshy
6/10 , really not liking the current warrior set


Character not available.
90 Pandaren Warrior
02/10/2013 10:35 AMPosted by Khurgen
6/10 , really not liking the current warrior set


Character not available.

Giving you bonus points for rocking a plateskirt. I love plateskirts!

90 Orc Warrior
90 Human Warrior
02/10/2013 10:35 AMPosted by Khurgen
6/10 , really not liking the current warrior set


Character not available.

ye my bad, xfr was in que
90 Orc Warrior
10/10, cuz corrupted ashbringer. (I cant be rated since my boa is on another toon+my computer motherboard is fried.)
90 Human Warrior
Since I can't rate the last person before me, I can do the one right before that player:


Looks pretty nice, plus it matches you being so sort of Dark Berserking Warrior from a war-like tribe.
46 Orc Warrior
it's ok I've seen better in 40 bgs.
Mugetsuo - 7/10
I'm partial to the Cata set you're sporting but helm, swords and tabard are clashing something fierce.

Note for my XMog: Close to finished, not happy w/ swords and on the fence regarding helm.
 Helm of the Crimson Drakonid
This may work. Not quite sure. It's also from a quest. So you may have done it.
Underworld Helm
Mining helmet. This would be your best pick. However it to is from a quest, so if you have done it you are nixed (unless you beg a GM, they may give it to you... But you didn't get it from me)
Horned Cobalt Helm
Easy, cheap, plentiful. It will probably work, can't be sure. But a good fallback.
Belt: if your not using that helmet change your belt. Just use the one that goes with the rest of the set.
Weapon (pre 5.2) 
Serpentlord Claymore
From ah, matches, though somewhat thin.
Matches, may break theme. Requires rare farm though.
Keen Obsidian Edged Blade
Decent. May work. Needs to be this one, the vanilla is to bright. Requires farm on onyxia.
Ruthless Gladiator's Greatsword
May work as well. From honor. Somewhat small.
Weapons (post 5.2)
Dirkee's Superstructure
Gear mace. Great for goblins. Is also heirloom, so you may have it laying around.
Burrowing Shovel The Shoveler
Shovels. With the mining helmet it will be great.
 Cold Iron Pick
Pick. Same reason as above.
Conk Hammer
Cog mace. May be easier to get then the good one die to AH.
Edge of Inevitability
You are a lumberjack now. If you want :p.

Edited by Jozzok on 2/11/2013 12:16 PM PST
90 Human Warrior
10/10 Very troll-like which is perfect. Also, it brings out the fierceness and intimidation that the trolls truly represent like, "We Darkspear, are gonna get you mon. Either physcial or spiritual!!!"
Edited by Mugetsuo on 2/11/2013 11:35 AM PST
90 Draenei Warrior
7 meh
So you transmoged your gear to show your l33t heroic gear?

Meh, 8/10. Not bad. But I personally don't like it.
90 Tauren Warrior
nice troll set Jozzok 10/10
90 Orc Warrior
Very cool, may want to go with the 463 Tank gloves but it overall is very nice. 9.5/10
90 Human Warrior
Disclosure 8/10

Great color coordination and transmogged into the best Cata armor, but the tabard symbol doesn't quite fit. Otherwise it's pretty awesome.
90 Human Warrior
@Mugetsuo ..... nice set - 8/10
90 Human Warrior
Very excellent color and armor. 9/10

Would have given you the perfect score, if you had transmogged your weapon into a katana. But otherwise, very good.
90 Human Warrior
9/10 don`t like the tabard
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