What is your favorite healer?

90 Pandaren Monk
MW monk, because spammable 700k raid heals are just fun to see.
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90 Human Paladin
Paladin forever and always. Never feel like more of a badass then when I run to a node that's in trouble in PVP, and fly off my steed, pop my wings and guardian, and instantly heal those poor defenders to full health nearly instantly and save the day.

Lore-wise I've always loved paladins too, and gear/aesthetic has always been my favorite. But I love all my healers, but mechanically it's Paladin > Druid = Shaman > Monk > Priest.

Sorry priests, I don't really enjoy you're mechanics and spells as much as the others. :}
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90 Draenei Shaman
Shaman 'cause who doesn't love water heals. =)
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90 Tauren Shaman
I really love the concept of the disc healer. The healer who summons holy shields to protect his allies. I am leveling my priest finally (86 atm) and thinking I may enjoy Disc once again. As far as gameplay I find druids feel clunky too me at the moment. I love playing a shaman. It just seems so straight forward to me. I am sure if I had the experience with druid that I have with shaman it wouldn't but I am enjoying shaman too much to be bothered to learn druid properly for the time being.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
>_> I'm an RP nerd.

I love RPing out druid healing- describing growing plants INSIDE OF PEOPLE is much more fun (and graphic and icky in all the best ways) than describing glowy light-hands; shaman healing themes are pretty cool too, I guess.

But druid theme is best.
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90 Pandaren Monk
In theory, I love my MW because of all the fun gadgets we have! I LOVE transcendence! <3 and my green bubbles, especially when they pop next patch! I love all the utility we have (but I hate the actual healing lol)

I love my lvl 89 resto druid in PvP because it's a lot of fun trying to escape a train of enemies on my tail. You seriously cannot beat symboisis. I mean, I can actually pick what ability I feel like at that time!

I love my holy priest because divine star is so much fun to use as a raid heal, especially seeing all those mastery echo of light heals afterward! Your screen just literally fills up with numbers.

So yes, I am torn. They are all fun! I guess I like my pally and shammy but with those three, I don't have the time to play them seriously.
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90 Draenei Shaman
My very first healer was a Disc Priest that I started back in late Wrath. When the pre-Cata patch hit something just felt, I don't know, off about the spec. I shelved her and went back into tanking full time.

During my time tanking T11 I had a Shammy as my tank healer - literally the best tank healer I have ever seen. He kept me up through hell or high water during a time when the class was supposed to be seriously gimped. He inspired me and thus Talai was born. She was my serious raid healer for Cata.

I messed around with my Pally (I almost exclusively tank on her) to see what healing felt like. I just didn't like it.

For some strange reason, after returning from a long break I took up my Priest again as the first on the way to 90 (she's half way through 87). Which is ironic since of all my toons (several 85's included) she was only 77 at the time I came back. Go figure right?
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90 Worgen Priest
^ That is a very diverse experience, I must say. Never knew Shamans were great as tank healers. I always thought it was disc and paly that did the job the best. What made you want to level your priest again though? It seems resto shaman was your dream role. Were there changes again in MoP that made you look at alternatives?
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90 Worgen Hunter
My favorite is my mistweaver monk.
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90 Draenei Priest
I have played every healer endgame except for a Monk, and even raid on a diff realm with my R Druid currently, but...

The Priest will always be my favorite. It just has all I need: a proactive spec, a reactive spec, and a facemelt spec =D
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90 Pandaren Monk
Once you go Monk, you don't go back. I retired my Druid to go MW, no regrets. I still keep the druid geared enough to raid this tier, but hands down I prefer the Monk.
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1 Human Rogue
01/22/2013 09:53 AMPosted by Aleaina
Never feel like more of a badass then when I run to a node that's in trouble in PVP, and fly off my steed, pop my wings and guardian, and instantly heal those poor defenders to full health nearly instantly and save the day.

This 100%! Seeing that warrior on the other side of the map sitting at 1% hp, and then looking down at my Lay on Hands ability coming off of its CD... Love seeing his reaction when his HP jumps up to full, giving him the extra motivation to clean plate.

Or how bubbling a mage when there's a rogue sitting on him makes me cackle with malice every time.

As a healer I don't like having to rely on people peeling for me 24/7, which is why I love paladins so much. Plate + shield allows me to be the silent protector of my BG team.
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56 Worgen Druid
Druids I think will always be my favorite.

But I have recently been having a ton of fun with my monk. I love experimenting with eminence. I found recently that I can keep the whole group alive by just throwing up renewing mists and zapping mobs with lightning (60-ish at the moment). Plus, I love how I'm never hindered by silences so long as I've got SPK.

I also discovered a new love for my shaman when I finally got healing rain and got better acquainted with all my totems. Silences are an even bigger pain though now.
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90 Troll Druid
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90 Draenei Shaman
I have a holy paly, disc priest, 3 resto druids, and 2 shamans.
Shaman are by far, the loves of my WoW life.
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I can be a bird! I can be a tree! I can turn into an even bigger tree and LIFEBLOOMS FOR ERRYBODY!

I love how super mobile I can be throughout most of the fight, love hots, and love the cooldowns I have available.

The other healers are nice, I had all of them that were available at the time at 85 (doubles of druid and priest) but other than my hunter nothing is as fun to me as running around popping rejuvs all over and shifting for speed boosts to run even faster :D
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90 Pandaren Shaman
My faves are shammy and disc priest as they are my only 90s atm but as for list of faves it goes shammy, disc prist, druid, holy pally, monk, holy priest.
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90 Pandaren Shaman
My shaman is my first love. She was my first 70 when I started playing in early BC. I love the new totem system in MoP.

I've always liked disc priest simply because of the preventative healing aspect, it reminded me of my monk in Guild Wars, which was my first healer in any online game.

That being said I had every healer at 85 in cata, including 2 priests. Right now I've only leveled my holy priest and my shaman- and I really enjoy them both.

I love healing, and have raided in an organized group at some point in WoW with every one of them except holy paladin, which has only been in raid finders.

As for ranking them...Shaman>Priest(both holy and disc)>Paladin>Druid. I can't yet place monk because my mistweaver is only 35, but I do think I'll probably like more than druid and paladin so far from what I've seen.
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90 Human Paladin
Paladin 100% why?

A) Plate armor!
B) I have no one else in 5 mans who can roll need on int plate and get away with it!
C) Reactive > proactive healing!
D) Hands of utility!
E) Bubble hearth is back!
F) BACON OF LIGHT!! I mean really who doesn't like bacon?

There are more but I wanted to end on bacon. NOM NOM NOM my fellow healers

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