8 year old gets advice about game industry


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Malk I'm sorry you haven't received responses however, this thread is a means for child enrichment. I personally know very little about computers. so I turned to this forum for advice on what information he retains

Please enlighten us on why this is the wrong forum.
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So, it IS ok to make duplicate threads, and not be penalized, and even have the lead dev pipe in with a rather lengthy editorial, proving that the 140 character limit can be breached, waxing poetically on topic. You guys and your double standards.


Also, check into marine biology.
It seems to be a good starting point for the training needed to become a game designer.

You do realize your post is greater than 140 characters, right? I think you're confusing the WoW Forums with your tweet habit.

As for duplicate posting, that goes to show you didn't read either thread.

This thread was first started in a different forum, then per the 2nd or so comment [the OP] started a thread in General Discussion. Much later this thread was then moved to General Discussion.

It'd be nice if you would play nice, this thread in no way deserves a comment like your's.
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A great big smile came to my face when I read this. Thank you to Daxxari and thank you to GC.

And I'm going to be very honest, Aayia -- you are an awesome parent for asking the best in the business about your son's dreams. Thank you for fostering the dreams of a future generation.
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I'm still learning here too, but I think it may be helpful to emphasize how lucky I feel that I had a parent that pushed me in school and insisted that I take extra science and math in high school. Those courses prepared me really well for the kind of college classes that I needed to pursue the more technical skills that are common in game design. Now, if your son is more artistically inclined he could go that route as well, however this early on the best thing to do would be for him to do well in all subjects but especially math, while doing some kind of art or music to explore his creativity.. and of course keep time to get out with friends so that he can build those important social skills that are needed in any field.

One caveat, there are two major skills that I see a lot of students struggling with in college. The more obvious skill being math. Due to not being required to go very far in high school, students often find that they're unable to sign up for their first year programming courses without sometimes multiple additional math classes, either that or they do poorly in calculus due to having lacked practice. If your son gets interested in that field, I highly recommend having him take math every year of high school.

Logic and reasoning is the other skill that many new students in this field tend to struggle with, and one that he will need for game design, especially if he does any code but even if he does not. This is something I recommend helping him out with, since many schools teach too much rote and memorization and neglect this. Brain teasers, riddles, and extracurricular activities that challenge him to problem solve on his own are all excellent ways for him to build these skills.

Thank you for asking this question. I really loved GC's post, it was really very helpful. I'd love to work at Blizzard as well, although as he said it may be that I will need to start somewhere else. Don't let your son be discouraged by the competition, either. If he pursues something he enjoys, even if game design remains competitive, there are lots of opportunities for people with those skillsets even if they're not all in game design. So your son should have no trouble starting up his career somewhere, even if he's waiting for the chance to get into a game company.

I hope that helps.
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I don't think you realize just how inspiring that post is, Draxx. I've been that 8 year old kid for 20 years now.

I grew up drawing pictures and making up levels for Sonic because I loved the game so much. Then I started drawing my favorite characters and now I like to think of little things I'd change about WoW all the time.

I did go to school for Game Design but that was 5 years ago. I didn't finish either. I gave up on that dream due to social anxiety and a lack of self-confidence but I managed to spend my time getting into a GM position with a F2P company and having the best 2 years of my life.

Sadly that too has ended (F2P really isn't as popular a model as players like to say it is - it's what games do when they're dying). But that foot already in the door I feel my odds are better at least.

Draxx's post just gave me that extra boost of motivation I needed though. I'm seriously looking at following up and finishing my education now, even though the cost is scary and time is no longer on my side. I can't justify letting a dream I think about literally every day of my life just die because I was too scared to try.

Printing that post and putting it at my desk as a reminder.
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I think like others mentioned, it's good to have a parent be involved and push them towards their dreams. I always wanted to get into game development but allowed myself to do other things, but it's still something I think about every day. GC probably encouraged anyone that ever had an interest with that post heh. Just stay involved and I'm sure you'll be positive reinforcement, as long as he has the resolve I'm sure he'll be able to get into whatever field he chooses.
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This is great. Game design/programming is the field i plan to go in. I love gaming and i like designing games. Ive taken visual basic and java classes at my high school and i find the stuff interesting. My teacher also decided to get us some slight experience with 2D game making since we are now finished with exams.

This was perfect timing for this, as i am in 11th grade and looking for colleges for my career.
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Didn't you make this thread a few days ago, or am I foruming so much that I'm getting deja vu from every thread I see?
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Daxx that was an excellent post and I'm sure the OP appreciates it very much.

This is why I love Blizzard; they care about their customers.

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i appreciate that blizzard responded to this it shows how great you are
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Excellent post. It was very interesting to read all the detailed information. Good luck to you and your son. I hope he reaches his goal!
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My son wants to grow up and be a game designer. He wanted to call Blizzard, but I told him the hold times are long and other people are calling about account related issues.

Yes, I know we can google the information from random sites, but he is most interested in Blizzard.
Could a blizzard employee respond to this post.
My son would like to know general information about game design, what he should do to follow that career goal, and how you became a blizzard employee.

Other posters, since he is 8 please refrain from trolling, and be respectful. As an involved parent, I will be monitoring this post.
Thanks so much,
An avid Wow fan

This has been a VERY good and inspirational thread... so glad you got a blue response
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Bravo. For a guy who get's beaten like a pinata in the Forums, that was a very nice & thoughtful response from GC. I hope your son exceeds his own dreams & expectations.
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agreed best of luck to him
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01/08/2013 07:04 PMPosted by Walmartoo
Props for a blue reading and responding to this

You look very lovely.

You do realize your post is greater than 140 characters, right? I think you're confusing the WoW Forums with your tweet habit.

As for duplicate posting, that goes to show you didn't read either thread.

This thread was first started in a different forum, then per the 2nd or so comment [the OP] started a thread in General Discussion. Much later this thread was then moved to General Discussion.

It'd be nice if you would play nice, this thread in no way deserves a comment like your's.

Yes, I read both threads, and I play nice. Perhaps you should read my entire post in the other thread? But the fact is, the threads are copy/paste duplicates, regardless if they were originally posted in the same forum or moved later. The thread "mover" should have locked or deleted the other thread. As far as my Twitter comment, it was made to spotlight tendencies of certain Blizzard employees to use it preferentially over posting in the forums, but given it has the 140 character cap, it doesn't allow for the eloquence or detail that can be obtained by posting here versus a third party site. And as a rebuttal of your Twitter comment, I am probably one of the few people who doesn't use and even loathes Twitter. As far as the marine biology comment, it is a proven fact that you can have a degree in that field and become a game designer. I'm just calling them as I see them.

You are a party pooper, go away.
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