A message to Ravencrest's Raiding Guilds

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yea, but back in TBC we at least had a few decent raiding guilds horde side... PWRS, Prophetic, Consilio et armis etc... now i cant even tell you who the predominate horde raiding guild is.... I hate LFR with a passion but right now it's the only resort to get any gear...
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LFR is great for some people, like myself. Most of the time the guilds have really late raids, so some people just can't make the time to stay up for them. Yes, LFR makes people un-suited for 10man/25man, like myself, but LFR lets people like me raid. and personally, I like it, even if it is a lot easier and more simple.
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The problem with people not being willing to learn how to raid on smaller servers has existed long before LFR. Learning how to manage a rotation or pay attention to your Grid as a healer while paying attention to the fight was a lot more than many people could handle in BC just as it is today. Larger servers don't really have this problem because the pool of good players is larger so raid groups don't have to tolerate fail. They don't even give fail a chance. You mess up, you're gone. So bad players have to get better or go away. Most of them choose to get better. On a small server, bad players are always hoping to be carried to shinier gear and titles and there are no repercussions. If they can show up to a raid, they're in. They'll whine if they aren't. /gkick imo but that's me. Why get better if you're not in it for the elitist feel good of leading meters? I am and every raid member should be, imo. If I see a hunter doing more dps than me with gear disparity taken into account, i go through our Recounts until I find what it is they're doing differently and then reason as to how it is causing the dps increase. Somebody posted in this thread that 2-3k more dps tomorrow than what you did today is huge. That is true and if you're not striving for that, why are you raiding? Why are you ok with being 8k dps behind the top dps when he or she has worse gear than you? If everyone who wanted to raid on a small server asked themselves these kinds of questions, server size wouldn't make a difference.
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Just when I thought I was done........I read the title of this post again and wanted to expound on problems I've seen in raiding guilds in the past.
LOOT LOOT LOOT!!! Be fair. Always be fair and don't be stupid. I've seen too many startup raiding guilds lose main raiders over loot. The last one I was in before I left the game, lost three of their top dps due to the GM's wife always ending up with the loot she needed when it should have went to much better players to help the raid progress. Loot that falls from raid bosses is RAID LOOT. It is used to help drop the next boss in progression and should go to where it will make the biggest impact. If Rogue A gets 100 dps out of every 1 playerscore and Rogue B gets 99 dps out of every 1 playerscore, the raid is better off with Rogue A always getting first dibs. I don't know if gearscore/playerscore is still around but it's the best way I've found to compare dps output to gear level since trying to factor dps to amount of haste/agi/mastery/etc is a little out of my mathematical ability and that's how it would otherwise have to be done since they all have an impact on each other. Other factors have to be considered as well, such as does Rogue A always show up? Does he stand in fire and die more often than Rogue B?
If you are in a raiding guild, guess who your friends are. Nope. They're not the people that you used to do 5 man dungeons with. You'll find a list of your friends in your guild roster. That's right!! All those people are your friends now. How cool is that? When a guildy gets gear in a well run raid guild, a friend gets gear. Luckily you don't have to feel the pain of watching a baddie get your gear because you're in a well run raiding guild and there are no baddies that are allowed to raid with you.
Raiding is a team effort and you have to support your team. Don't be greedy about the gear that falls today because it leads to gear falling tomorrow if distributed right and you might be the next one getting something shiny.
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Watch out! It's back from the dead!
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