Hey everyone!

We're recruiting people interested in a social guild. Our focus is on simply enjoying the game and all its aspects. We'll be questing, crafting, doing dungeons, crushing members of the opposing faction, and eventually getting some raids together.

As the guild leader, I'm sworn to be fair and reasonable with all guild members equally. Members will be rewarded for time spent assisting other members, and for how well they behave. I'll be setting up weekly events, but will allow members to create and share their own events with the guild.

Currently the guild isn't very high level, but with your help, it will reach 25 in no time!
Send me a request when I'm online, or ask any other member for an invite. You can also register for an invitation through the guild finder. There are no requirements to join.

Edit: I will also check back here for invitation requests, so feel free to reply to this post if you want to join.
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