Easiest healing class?

90 Pandaren Monk
So I'm thinking if making a healer because I've never played one and I was thinking what class is the easiest to play for someone who has never played a healing class?
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100 Blood Elf Priest
There isn't one. If you're leveling a new character, they're all completely trivial until about level 82-83, and they're all completely learnable in the process of leveling from 80-90 and gearing up.

As you're first learning to heal endgame content, monks and holy priests have particularly steep learning curves, while paladins and disc priests are fairly easy to get started. But that almost reverses at the upper end of the skill continuum; disc priests are actually quite difficult to play well, while holy priests don't change much once you figure out the basics. (Monks and paladins are kind of in the middle.)
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90 Draenei Priest
Holy Paladins tend to be more forgiving if you're new. Their healing spells are quick firing and recharges quickly, an advantage for players new to healing because until you're comfortable with healing, you'll have to tendency to mush buttons every time health of players goes down.

They are also the most heavily armored healing spec in the game, it won't matter if you take a few hits from the mobs.

There's also the advantage that nobody, except another holy paladin, really wants INT plate gear so you'll have higher chances of getting loot later in the game.

The biggest downside: There are no INT plate heirloom in WoW (except for one PvP plate shoulder I think). You'll have to settle for INT chain mail heirloom gear, which is perfectly alright.

Another downside: You healing gear does not share with your DPS and tank spec. Makes questing solo a pain in the neck.

The fun side: Since you're heavily armored and armed, with a shield too, you can wade right into melee combat and out DPS other toons in early dungeon runs.

If you prefer ranged healing, go with Disc Priest. Their Atonement healing style puts out a lot of DPS and healing at the same time, and the "smart heal" mechanics allows you to concentrate on DPSing the mob and allow the game to direct the heals for you.
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90 Night Elf Druid
Roll HoTs on and AFK as an R.Druid as you own the overhealing charts.
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79 Tauren Druid
Mistweaver fun as hell to begin with

Just keep cycling Soothing Mist every 8 seconds. Not to mention you can also DPS for the first few tens/levels.

Druid - Rejuv.....Rejuv.....Rejuv...MIGHT have to Regroth

Priest - Bubble....Bubble.....Bubble....

Shaman - Riptide.....Riptide...Earth shield

Paladin - Holy Shock......Holy Shock.....Holy Shock. I even pulled 1-2 DPS in most dungeons up to 40. Put a 2Hander on and help kill the mob and heal once in awhile with Holy Shock

You wont have to do much of anything until the 70s beside what I listed lol

PVP leveling I find the Druid or Priest the Most fun. MW Gets locked down too easy until RM. Paladin not too bad but very susceptible to slows until they get Blessing of Freedom. Shaman can hold their own but Earth Shield gets taken down in one Dispel now (which isn't right).
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
All healing classes have their difficulties, it also depends on what you want to do pvp or pve.

For paladins i'd say yes we are easy for basic healing in both pvp and pve, although I havent pve'd in a while so i wont comment on that.

PvP perspective: Paladins are not forgiving at all, if you trinket the wrong thing or use a cool-down incorrectly it will cost you the game. Sometimes you can get away with it depending on what ratings but at high level play paladins might be the hardest healer to play.
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