[A] Redblade Corsairs (RP) now recruiting!

((The <Redblade Corsairs> is a heavy-RP Alliance guild under new management and is looking for new members!

Official Webpage: www.redbladecorsairs.shivtr.com
TNG Forum Page: http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?20823-A-Redblade-Corsairs

We are recruiting all classes, all races, and all levels. All members must role play (We take great pride in the RP-PvP roots of the server); however, we are especially open to any applicants who are new to role playing, are curious to give role playing a try, and want to hone their skills in a safe, hassle-free guild.

Guild Description
- Guild Theme: Vigilante Naval Crew (pirate/privateering)
- Alignment: Chaotic Good (Serving the poor and protecting the weak through potentially unlawful means; think “Robin Hood” or the “A-Team”)
- Weekly scheduled RP events aboard the Redblade Fleet
- “Neutral” Faction Guild / Cross-Faction RP, plots, and alliances
- Open to new storylines from guild members or in-character clients or customers.
- Currently building regular Arena and RBG teams
- Guild Structure detailed on Shivtr webpage

In-Game Features
- Currently level 7 guild with plans to expand quickly
- Current Perks: 10% Increased Experience Gains, 10% Increased Mount Speed, 5% Increased Reputation Gains, 10% Less Durability Loss
- Immersive, yet friendly rolep lay environment (We’ll answer all those RP questions that you were afraid to ask on the Trade channel.)
- Actively helps players new to role playing, giving advice on good characterization/storytelling and providing opportunities and in-game time to develop members’ characters without fear of making role playing mistakes. (We promise won’t whack you with the Lore Hammer!)
- Many Total Roleplay 2 (TRP2) guild features and activities, as well as support on learning how to use the TRP2 addon
- Connections to meet and network with other role players in the server outside of the guild
- Storylines, fanfictions, and artwork via the Twisting Nether Gazette
- Weekly in-game Gold salary/reward system for members
- In-game gold stipend for cross-guild or cross-realm collaboration
- Leadership positions available

To apply, contact Tuuroto or any other Redblade Corsair member in-game. For best reception, mail written “in-character” is highly recommended. Reading and understanding the guidelines listed in the guild webpage beforehand will greatly increase chances of recruitment and immediate officer status.

Thank you, and hope to see you around in Azeroth.

- Tuuroto the Starseer
Quartermaster of the Redblade Corsairs))
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((Level 16 now, combining a great levelling experience with weekly RP events and scenarios. We are still open for new members, especially those who may be new to RP and want a "safe" place to experiment and learn the ropes.

Regardless of all the comments on how "dead" this server is, we're determined to stay here on TN and keep the roleplay tradition alive.

Come join us! See you around Stormwind!))
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