Convergence, a top 10 guild in Cataclysm, level 25 10-Man guild is recruiting for DPS-Hunters, Rogues, DK's and Tanks of any class, Heals-Disc/Holy Pally. Prefer iLvL 480+ but 475 is also acceptable provided you're an exceptional player. These are core raid positions, were looking to fill them quickly to finish HoF and delve into ToS and start heroic modes within the next 3 weeks. We provide free repairs, enchants and crafts at raiders needs.

Raiding Schedule is as follows:

Tues 9PM-12 EST
Wed 9PM-12 EST
Thu 9PM-12 EST

Take into consideration while applying:

Attendance: We require 85%+ attendance.
Communication: Vent with a Mic is required.
Reliability: All we ask is for players to show for raids, if a real life occurence happens just let us know.
Knowledge: Knowing the ecnounters and all phases prior to a boss attempt.
Preparation: We do supply feasts. Come to encounters with everything you need ie enchants etc.

Persons to contact in-game: Shutat, Splintur, Sunnyvale, Volcayus.
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