I was on the Monolith webpage today...

100 Troll Druid
So I read the news today, which I realize is over a week old at this point, and it seems Monolith has called it quits.

I'm sorry to see that honestly. Considering it was the last standing, original, 25 man progression guild on the Horde side that I am aware of.

I was there on Llane when Mono first started, and remember the promotions in trade chat. I remember when they cleared Molten Core and BWL. I remember when they helped open the gates of AQ (though, I don't remember if they managed to ring the gong in time). I remember when they downed C'Thun and were the only guild to do it when it was relevant, if I remember correctly. I also remember when they took a crack at the original Naxxramas, something very few people stepped foot into.

I remember in TBC, when they used to compete with Pinnacle for top Horde spot, and even top server spot.

Over the years I played with many people from Monolith, and I have to say it was always a good experience, and so now I find it sad that another good, long standing guild, run by good people on Llane has had the axe drop on it as well.

Maybe one day you'll take a crack at it again, and if you do, I hope the best. Take it easy guys.
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All good things must come to an end.
This isn't the first time we've said "Goodbye, Friend."

Years of good memories and a few bad.
30 plus people going their own ways, most sad.

Some have chose to stick together and we're going to reboot.
Fully Torqued is always on the lookout for a new recruit.
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I'm sad about this, but I completely understand.

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I loves meh Peaches too. -Lik
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A sad thing for sure.

Best of life to everyone. Always.

Much love,

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85 Human Priest

May her royal highness repose in her delirium, and may the citizens recover.
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I figured this would be an appropriate time to go ahead and say this.

So to anyone wondering about that number I wont tell them, its 778
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01/26/2013 09:30 PMPosted by Judis
So to anyone wondering about that number I wont tell them, its 778

The number of women who have had the pleasure of eating breakfast with you. Wilt Chamberlain, watch out!

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