Veco Information and Guild Listing 2.0

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Welcome to The Venture Co., a Cross-Realm Zone Free realm! Veco is for FITE!

This post is in place to serve as a welcome as well as an forum friendly way to get to know the server. With the implementation of Mists of Pandaria, The Venture Co has been a safe haven for CRZ refugees seeking shelter from other CRZ realms.

The following guild listing is not an all-inclusive list. Only guilds that have requested will be added. If you have any amendments, please post in this thread and I will update the list. I will also check monthly for guild activity. In an attempt to keep a most accurate list; if the guild isn't active by at least two people it is removed from the list.

Alliance Guilds:

|RP| |PVP| |PVE|
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Bucktooth Grin --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Coven --- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Divinity End --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 17 Emberstone Company --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Ephemeral --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Guardians of the Light ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Hallowed Remnants --- (contact Ismeralda)
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Killing Hozen Stuff --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Knights of Dusk ---
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Malicious ---
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Renegades --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Rising --- (CRZ-free refugee guild; contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 12 Sanctified (contact Lawling, Bellagrace or Holyricca)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Council of Judgement (contact Kheridan/Trinki/Katyinka/Luvyna/Juarez)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Gathering--- (contact Halger)
|░░| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 13 The Great Hand --- (contact Krizul or Oannie)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Grim Covenant ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Guardians of Azeroth--- (contact Braellyn)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 24 The Vigil --- (contact Dashadeash/Rinalla/Ladiehawyk)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Tranquility ---

Horde Guilds:

|RP| |PVP| |PVE|
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Blacktooth Grin ---
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Blue Cheese --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Council of Lordaeron --- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Conflict --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Dark Clan of Fenris --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Gladius Animus --- (contact any member)
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 13 Greenskinz --- (Troll, Goblin, Orc only)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Grunts --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Infectious--- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Ozymandias --- (contact Niath or Gorgothan)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Point Blank --- (contact Gotmilf, Highprophet or Blackangus)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Quarantined ---
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Something Wicked --- (contact any member)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Relentless --- (contact any member)
|░░| |░░| |▓▓| Lvl 25 The Smash Co ---
|▓▓| |▓▓| |░░| Lvl 25 Thunderhoof Clan --- (Tauren only)
|░░| |▓▓| |▓▓| Lvl 25 Tokidoki Killers --- (contact any member)
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"Veco is for Fite!" is a tried and true mantra for the server. We pride ourselves on active, story driven World PVP combat. Many of the guilds listed above have claimed a territory that they will defend if you 'ping' or attack it.

If you're looking for some fite, simply attack one of the outposts listed below:

Alliance Claims:

<Bucktooth Grin> Talonbranch Glade (Felwood)
<Coven> - Surwich (Blasted Lands)
<Emberstone Company> Westguard Keep (Howling Fjord)
<Guardians of the Light> - Lakeshire (Red Ridge)
<Hallowed Remnants> - Honor Hold (Hellfire Peninsula)
<Knights of Dusk> - Darkshire (Duskwood)
<The Gathering> - Aeire Peak/Wildhammer Keep (Hinterlands/Shadowmoon Valley)
<The Council of Judgement> Nethergarde Keep (Blasted Lands)

Horde Claims:

<Blacktooth Grin> - Stonard/Dreadmaul Hold (Swamp of Sorrows/Southern Barrens)
<Council of Lordaeron> Ruins of Lordaeron/Dawnseeker promontory/SMC
<Dark Clan of Fenris> - Silverpine Forest
<Greenskinz> - Dreadmaul Hold
<Thunderhoof Clan> - Thunderbluff
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Server Information:


There is a wide range of PvP activities to be found on Veco (wpvp, RBG, arenas). The server is by no means a 'high end' rating community (might have the occasional 2.2K rated player here or there), but it is an aspect embraced by the community.


As indicated above, certain guilds claim particular towns/keeps/zones to guard against attack. If you are looking to stir up some trouble, ping one of those towns and have a bit of patience for defenders to organize.

City and town raids continue to occur. There are large organized events and random skirmishes.


Both Horde and Alliance have RBG teams that are both inner-guild as well as community (Pick Up Group) driven. Largely, the community has taken to a new addon called OQueue which allows for cross-realm-within-battlegroup to group with like minded individuals.


Vco is home to several progressive raiding guilds. More information can be found at the above guild websites. displays the rankings of the various raiding guilds that Veco boasts: Venture Co-US&w=&a=4


Veco has a bunch of RP drunks, as Tavern Nights appear to be fairly common (sponsored by Knights of Dusk and Guardians of the Light). Other guilds with RP components, such as The Gathering and Blacktooth Grin are active. Almost all guilds with an RP slant are also active PvPers. Order of the Dragon is another "jack-of-all" trades that sponsors RP as well, and most of these guilds work well with each other.

For Alliance players, a stroll between Darkshire and Lakeshire might be worth some random RP moments.

For Horde Characters, you're more likely to find RP in the hidden nooks of Orgrimmar and Silvermoon.

The best way to find roleplayers on either side is simply playing in character. Whether you find yourself in the salty, seaside town of Booty Bay while a night of Booty Bay Beer Pong is going on, or waltzing through an old dungeon with a musty tour guide - you're bound to find what you're looking for.


Veco is "medium-to-low population". There are some very active guilds (15 to 30 players during prime-time), and we would be happy to direct you to one based on what your interests are. The server tends to have a natural ebb and flow of who has more active people at any one given time.


This is a great, friendly community. Most guilds work very well with each other, and there is much cross-faction respect, despite the "Fite". I think most players recognize having a healthy realm is more important than driving one faction down. Always trolls, but Veco is pretty tame in that regard. You'll find that most trolls get bored and leave the server, but Veco seems to keep calm and carry on.

Some players do leave Veco, but eventually come back because of the community.

Chat Channels

Here are some player created chat channels:

[A/H] WorldDefense: This channel is a native channel to World of Warcraft and is generally not turned on by default. This allows you to see zones which are controlled by your faction which have been attacked by the opposite faction. Generally a '10 ping' rule applies; where as you attack enough guards or citizens of the zone to trigger a response from the opposing faction.

[A] CalltoArms: used to organize cross-guild PvP

[A] VeCoRP: used to gather as many of the roleplayers together to chat about and coordinate in-character meetings in a relaxed, out of character atmosphere

[A] HeartoftheMountain: Current Tier Raiding/Achievement Run opportunities (RPers strongly encouraged to join)

[A] VeCoPVP: An alternate, non-RP-rules-enforced PVP channel

[H] RP: this channel is for roleplayers attempting to find others as well as actively roleplay. Players who enjoy this aspect of the game is encouraged to join.
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