[H] LFM: Forming an organized pug raid group.

90 Tauren Monk
This 10-man raid group is for:
-Wanting to raid without leaving your guild.
-People looking for more of a challenge than LFR supplies.
-People who haven't raided very much, but looking for a place to start! (these people should be open to constructive criticism and eager to learn).
-People willing to be on Vent with not-annoying people. Don't need a mic, but I'm not going to type out all the mechanics of each encounter for you.
-People who arn't afraid of a repair bill. You will be dying, a lot. Get over it.
-I'm going to say ilvl 460 just so people don't think of this as a fast track to LFR (exceptions can be made by talking to me about it).

Times haven't been set in stone yet. My personal availability is M-F 9pm Server-2am Server, with (mostly) free weekends, so it will fit somewhere in there. 2 days a week, 3 tops, for not more than 3 hours at a time. The goal is to be casual, but successful. You may need to watch a video here and there, though I'll explain things best I can on the fly.

We'll create a channel for easy communication, and use calendar events to keep track of what's when. Please recognize that even though this is a pug, there is still a commitment to the other people of the group, and coming and going as you feel is not welcome.

Loot = Need it if you need it, Greed for Offspec, Pass otherwise for DE. Consider being nice if it's a vastly superior upgrade for someone else than yourself. This group is running for the fun and challenge of raiding, loot drama will be met with a zero tolerance boot.

Feel free to contact me in game or reply here.

Tanks - Barbariccia, Tenthul
Healers - Lilaurenthys, ????, ????
DPS - Surreon, Uragoth, ????, ????, ????

This isn't the first organized pug that I've ran, you're in good hands.
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This sounds fantastic. The only issue I might have is the only day I'm completely available is thursday. I can't expect you to work around my tight schedule, but if I'm ever online and you need a friendly dps, please send me a whisper, and I'll be glad to come.
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100 Orc Warlock
Are you and/or your friends in a guild that you've been a part of for years and don't want to leave, but don't have the numbers to field weekly raid groups? This is an awesome opportunity for you to experience the MoP raid scene w/out all the uncertainty of LFR as well as an awesome chance to get to know some members of the KT Horde community. Out of the group we've assembled so far, I think I'm the one who's been on KT the shortest amt of time, & I started playing here in 2007. If you can remember far enough back to the Warbringer pugs that Tenthul, Zazi & others used to run back in Wrath, then you know you're in for a good time here. And if you can't remember that far back, well, then you'll just have to take my word for it!

Trust me. I'm a warlock.
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90 Tauren Druid
This has worked well in the past, all the way back to Vanilla.

I approve of this message.
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