[A] Brotherhood of Fire is recruiting

Broherhood of Fire (BoF) is one of Muradin’s oldest running raid groups - and is looking for more to join our ranks! BoF has a solid history dating all the way back to Karazan. Although people have come and gone in the guild, we maintain a core group of raiders that we were among the leaders of progression in many content patches on Muradin. We ended DS with full heroic clears, and hope to get the same pace running in the upcoming 5.2 patch. To that end we are recruiting new blood for currently open spots. We are looking mature raiders that know their classes well and can preform in a casual guild that pushes serious progression.

We are looking for people with an ilvl of ~470+ and ready to raid starting immediately so we can get into the swing before 5.2. Just because your class is not listed it doesn’t mean that we don’t want you. Send a PM to one of the raid group organizers you would like to raid with or post your interest here.

We know that stuff comes up and you might not be able to make every raid, but since we only raid 2x a week we expect you will show up often and give advanced notice if you cannot make it.

These group will be trying to push for serious progression, we are not going to carry un-geared alts or people who cannot listen or follow fight mechanics i.e. GTFO of the fire. We want to be a progression, on par with the progress being made on larger population servers.

So, if you have a geared main or alt, can listen and commit let one of the leaders of the group your interested in know, thanks.

We currently have 2 raiding groups. Our times are a bit fluid as we might re-arrange them.

Weekday groups: Tues/Wednesday 25 man 5-8pm server, 10 man 9-12pm server

25 man (currently 10 man - looking to expand to 25) run by Woolfgar from 5-8pm server. Woolf (aka Shattner) has a long history in BoF and has been the GM in the past. He is currently looking for serious/hardcore progression.

10 man run by Andil/Murdoch from 9-12pm server. Andil is the current GM and their group is looking for a bit of everything.
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90 Worgen Warrior
Bumping for an addendum. The evening group is looking for a solid rdps to help us work through more of HoF and start heroic content. The night group is looking for 1-2 full time tanks and 1 non-druid heals.

Due to a lack of pugs ready/willing to handle the difficulty of the fights and the lack of recruiting options, the weekend group has dissolved.

Thanks for the interest expressed and roles filled so far.
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Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that :(
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90 Worgen Druid
Need a Boomy?
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90 Night Elf Warrior
Bump for a great group of people :) <3
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100 Dwarf Hunter
I approve of this message.
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Bump...Still looking....

Contact - Woolfgar in game
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Thought Woolf was out with a bad motherboard? I haven't seen him on in a while, maybe I'm just missing him :)
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90 Orc Death Knight
although you're yucky alliance, still nice to see 25m's around!

Best of luck
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Thought Woolf was out with a bad motherboard? I haven't seen him on in a while, maybe I'm just missing him :)
He is, hopes to be back soon. We still need a few good players to push progression for both raid times (6-9 and 9-12)

Please contact -Woolfgar, Andil, Cuchullin, or Echoeye in game
(under the "WHO" tab type brotherhood of fire to see whos online)

6-9 M,T,W - Needs Non-Rogue melee and heals/dps off spec that can commit to raid times
9-12 - Needs everything - Mostly people who can commit to raid times.
Again, we are looking to fill our current 10 mans and potentially go 25.
For recruits - attitude > commitment >skill > experience > gear

although you're yucky alliance, still nice to see 25m's around!

Best of luck

Much appreciated, as you know it's hard to get dedicated players.....we are trying...baby steps :-)
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90 Worgen Warrior
Just for the record, surge protectors are good.

1 pc back up and running for the 25 man tonight. I hope to get the guts for my 2nd tomorrow to have both up for patch day.

We are still looking for a few 10 man roles, as well as committed players to the 25 man schedule.
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I'm starting to think I have really really bad luck, or just terrible timing, or both :(((
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100 Night Elf Druid
Hi guys,

A few of us are considering merging our guild. We (Invalid Target) has had 6 members that have joined you for the Sunday raids in MV on a regular basis for over a month. A couple of us would like to make the move. I will mention this to the other guys and I'm sure they will be interested. If you are still raiding during those times mentioned above (Wed/Thur) and hopefully will get back to Sunday, please let me know in an in-game mail or a post here. I'll then let them know. Myself, I have 6 90's all raid ready. The only prof I do not have maxed is Engineering (dont find it useful). This toon was the one in the MV raids on Sunday's. I also have another druid Tank/heals. Paly Tank / DPS, Monk Tank/ DPS, Shammy Heals/ DPS and a Frost Mage.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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90 Worgen Hunter
I don't think they're running anything but MV on sunday now Egg, they moved all their mains to Aerie Peak last month.

Still, I see woolf on so I'll tell him to check the thread :)

Update: aaaan he appears to be afk. I tried :P
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90 Gnome Warrior
Hi, I stoped playing bout 6 months ago so pandaria is new to me but I have been playing for more than 5 years now. I am currently Tank Main Spec, and looking to get back into raiding I am very familiar with my class and have time to raid. My gear score is currently around 440ish roughly, but hey im a tank! wont take long to get it up, and when I do im intrested in progression raiding please get back with me if you guys are looking for a tank. Willing to DPS to but would rather stay as tank.
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