Removing Flying Mounts Part II

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Flying mounts were one of the biggest mistakes ever. It made the world feel much, much smaller and helped ruin the mystery of the world.

Sadly, it's far too late to get rid of them, and Blizzard never will at this point. This is a pointless thread.
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01/16/2013 07:39 AMPosted by Jaybur
My biggest gripe is the 5.2 daily area not being flying accessible

Oh that is good to know more dailies I can ignore, except this time I will have a very specific reason.
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Sick of PVE servers and PVE in general being messed with and inconvenienced for the sake of PVP.

What's the point of not having flying in the new daily isle for PVE servers?
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Flying mounts are amazing, however, one thing missing in MMO's now, especially in WoW, is any sense of remote areas. Anywhere in the game is accessible in 5 minutes via flying mount. Would be nice if there were a few places in the game (overworld) that were difficult to get to somehow, or took some time getting to with no flight paths attached or flying mount accessibility.
11 Draenei Paladin
Sick of PVE servers and PVE in general being messed with and inconvenienced for the sake of PVP.

What's the point of not having flying in the new daily isle for PVE servers?

There is no point it is just a flat out pita, for pita's sake.
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01/16/2013 08:54 AMPosted by Monziezomby
Flying mounts are amazing, however, one thing missing in MMO's now, especially in WoW, is any sense of remote areas. Anywhere in the game is accessible in 5 minutes via flying mount. Would be nice if there were a few places in the game (overworld) that were difficult to get to somehow, or took some time getting to with no flight paths attached or flying mount accessibility.

Even with 310 speed you are not going to fly from Booty Bay to Eastern Plaguelands in 5 minutes.
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No one's stopping you from using your ground mounts

Terrible idea to remove flying mounts.
At this point there really is no way to remove flying mounts without having a huge negative impact. The best way to help with, not fix, the problem is to have very specific areas where flying is not allowed. Similar to the molten front and TB.
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I don't mind ground mounts all that much.

Ok, I lied, I dislike them quite a bit. I got my flying as soon as I could, and haven't looked back. I got to the Jade Forest, and saw I couldn't fly until 90, and I was like WHAT THE HELL?! Haha, reminds me of early BC days, when you couldn't fly until 70, and it was no biggie. But now I feel spoiled by being able to fly all the time, everywhere.

I'd miss it. And I'd miss my beloved Netherdrake, which between my old account and this one, I farmed the rep for 6 times. Thank God for account wide mounts.
86 Undead Priest
Greg seems to think minor speed bumps in progression add to the life span of a player,when in most cases it just highlights the 'stick' that dangles the 'carrot', speed bumps with no real purpose.

All what these kinds of tactics are doing is aggravating the player base,and only adds to the reasons why people stop playing/leveling alts.

The exact same thing is going to happen this expansion as what happened in Cata (Hit Lv cap,do X,Y,Z, stop playing), but do to the amount pointless grinds and BS speed-bumps... the amount of alts people will level will drop,so the amount of players leaving the game will happen sooner.
The exact thing they don't want a repeat of with Cata will only happen again,this time with a vengeance.

(Having the character advancement treadmill replaced with the nerf/buff trampoline was bad enough)
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What? Them limiting flying mounts in some new content and leveling is cool, but the reward of being able to fly is NOT a mistake in my opinion.

Depicting someone more achieved or more powerful in an MMO is extremely vital. It is one of the reasons other games fail to stand out because the players look too similar.

Flying mounts is one of the great ways spotting what you are aiming to become or be able to do. Much like gear.

I vote NO to removing flying mounts, but YES to innovating new ways to limit them without inconveniencing the player to a frustrated extent.
90 Blood Elf Rogue
The glory, and the agony of the MMORP format. Otherwise known as sorry, you’re not a virgin anymore.

WARNING: Wall o' text! From a long-time, devoted, CASUAL, player.

I remember very well the first toon I had. Looking at the world (holy &(*& will you look at that???). As someone who had been a big fan of Neverwinter, Krondor ,etc.. suddenly here was everything I had ever wanted. Fantasy, epic scope, developed universe, and those dungeons! With other people in the game with me!!! And it was hard! ANd getting my mount took foreeeeeeever! And I walked, alot, on quests that required craploads of travel! and it rocked!

And then I rolled an alt....

And then I hung out for a loong time.

And then I beat some big baddies, even if in LFR, and saved the world multiple times.

And then last week, at the height of my power, after years of growth, a bunch of overgrown bunny mobs slaughtered me. WTF?

And then I saw the cata hate thread, and the flight thread, and the........

And here is the thing: You're ALL right! Not in the specifics all the time, but in your opinion – cause its an opinion based on your personal experience.

So here goes the 30 sec version:

Does flying reduce immersion horribly - YES!
But, doesn't running everywhere suck? - YES!
Does it move you through the world faster? - YES! GOOD!
Does it move you through the content faster? - YES! BAD!
Does it increase the chance that you will have 6 to nine months with nothing new to look at at some point? - YES!
Would aerial combat help? - MAYBE?

And since the nostaligia trolls and the "its toooooo haaarrrddd" folks will both be already angry at me, lets just finish it off:

Did old raids feel more epic? - YES
Did putting together that epic raid suck? – YES (main reason why a lot of us casuals just let it pass)

Does the dumbed-down (or easier, or more streamlined, or less frustrating, whatever you want to call it) game make it easier for the part-time casual player to have fun? - YES

Does this same trend:

1: upset the two-miles-uphill-in-the-snow-each-way nostaligia troll who wants you to suffer the same as them? - YES
2: Lower the "epicness" of your accomplishments? - YES!

Same argument can be applied to weapon expertise (cause I really ever planned on going into combat unarmed?), making your own shards, poisons, and such, and questing for your mount (which was awesome) and much of the "old school".

And while there are always good things the devs can do, nothing will ever make it totally new again. Its the curse of the format.

Has Bliz made some poor choices? Sure. Who doesn't? Law of Unintended Consequences will always bite ya. But much of it is the nature of the game. When you replay an old console title are you upset because the content is the same as previously? Hope not, cause that would be nuts, just saying.

Cata revamp hate is prime example. To devote that much development time, money and manpower to revamp stuff that people already did? Bad return on investment, which Bliz has stated themselves if I remember correctly. But they did a gorgeous job of it. Check it out sometime. It was great, it just wasn't smart.

WOW is an awesome game, and a huge achievement in the field. But nothing lasts forever. You cant be a virgin again.

{{{Side note: Bashing on a new player, (and really? at this point is WOTLK "new player"?) because they are new is stupid and ignorant. But new folks, if you didn't play the old, you by definition don't know what your talking about when you comment on it. And thats just fine. It doesn't lower the worth of your opinion on all you have done, just on what you haven't. And you don't need to be rated to like/dislike pvp. And you don't need to clear a raid to comment on the asthetics of a zone or instance. And just so no one feels the need to look it up, I honestly don't remember if I joined right before or right after the BC launch, so Im not OG either, but been here quite a while.}}}

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Things like cold weather flying and whatever the pandaria flight skill is called were stupid enough. Removing flying would be the worst mistake Blizzard has made.
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Flying mounts are the antithesis of what MMOs are about, that is a fact. They ruin any sense of immersion in the world, make skipping content easy, and allow you to avoid other players all for the sake of convenience alone.

If that's what you're interested in, you should try out some single player games instead.
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Who knows whether Blizzard will continue talking about this or reconsider the new areas in 5.2 not having flying, but I think this point needs to be made:

Flying not being present is more defensible during times when you are undergoing one-time quests.

Flying not being present is a lot less defensible when you're taking it away for an area you expect people to do on a DAILY basis. The area will have lost its magic quickly under the daily regime of things, and within very little time all you have done is lower the quality of life for the characters doing those things.
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Keep flying mounts. If you dont like em do not use em. /thread
Blizzard Employee
01/16/2013 06:51 AMPosted by Barru
In spite of your firm belief that you feel flying mounts are detrimental to gameplay

No one ever said they are detrimental to gameplay, or they're being removed, or we hate flying mounts, or any of the other things people have inferred for no good reason. What I said was that experiencing a world directly from your character to the earth beneath it, and approaching questing content, is not served well by being able to lift off and set down wherever you like. In most cases we've relegated 'non-flying' to new characters experiencing an expansion for the first time, and then sometime later given them a way to give their alts flying in a quicker manner. In some cases, such as the Isle of Quel'danas back in BC, and now on the 5.2 Thunder King island, we've made a conscious effort to design a no-flying area to present that content in a different, and we believe, more intimate way. That's our job as game designers and world creators to define the restrictions and rules to create what we feel crafts the best experience. You can disagree with the restrictions and rules that define what World of Warcraft is, and we can have a conversation on the pros and cons (and certainly there are both), but let's be careful not to take things out of context and jump to extremes.
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