So.... Vashj is high-pop now?

90 Troll Mage
When did this happen, I was logging in, checked realm selection, and Vashj was listed as a high population server, instead of "new players" or "low".

Iunno if I've been seeing more people from Vashj, CRZ is the reason, or they've lowered the threshold for population ratings, but if there's some sort of growth on vashj, we oughta see a doctor.
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90 Undead Rogue
Doctor Sexy reporting in, what would you like me to examine?
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100 Human Warlock

just... wow

so I guess dumping all the 'new players' to us for 6 months has made an impact?

but yea, getting 'high' overnight? haha that don't sound right. it don't feel like a 'high' server.

what you guys think? are we 'high'?

tbh im not feeling half bad right now ^.^
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95 Goblin Hunter
Iunno, I guess it's seemed like there are more people on more often... dunno if it's the free xfers to low-pop [our] realm on top of the "new player" tag, but the economy is livelier than it was in 4.x, from an avg of 12-15k auctions scanned at any given point to, lately, 23-30k auctions from auctioneer scans.
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This wont last more than 3 months.
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90 Troll Hunter
We are one of the more balanced and populated realms of you look at Both us and the Ally are around 40k and some realms dont have over 10k in each
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90 Tauren Shaman
this has happened before, it wont last long, well be low again in a few months, and a year we'll be back to recommended...
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90 Blood Elf Mage
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90 Human Hunter
drsexy, I need my annual sex check up.
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