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Hey there Bloodhoof,

My raid team is looking to escape the sinking ship that is Duskwood Server. Skimming through WoW-Progress, Bloodhoof seems to be the server that best represents what we're looking for (balanced faction populations, medium population, decent progression, Eastern Standard Time) but we don't want to transfer all of our toons without more information, so we have some questions: (We might be going Horde as well, so answer for both factions!)

What is the economy like? Are prices low/high? Is the auction house active and full, or slow and empty?

How friendly are the players? Is it made up of nice people, or just a bunch of trade trolls?

How active is PvP (World/Arena/RBGs)? How common are RBG or World PvP PuGs?

If a player needed to be PuGed for a progression run, how long would we have to sit in trade chat before finding a decent player willing to come to a raid?

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Balance between factions on a PvE realm is trivial and shouldn't be something you consider when looking at one. Since Arenas and Battlegrounds are all queued across the entire region, the only thing that faction balance would influence is the occasional flagged person running around or a World Boss being tagged (since 5.2 will allow World bosses to be tagged by faction instead of raid). In that event, you'd most likely prefer to be on a server that is less balanced since population would determine frequency of events, potential Log-In queues, and likelihood your faction would get a World Boss tap (think of Galleon). Stormrage is currently the only PvE server reporting a Log-In Queue

So, looking at the date, if we rule out West Coast servers and data centers, you'd have the following PvE Realms (Estimated ACTIVE Alliance Population, Realm, Data Center, Time Zone):
    15040 - Stormrage - Chicago - Eastern
    5246 - Zul'jin - Chicago - Eastern
    4704 - Whisperwind - Chicago - Central
    4113 - Elune - Chicago - Eastern
    3858 - Doomhammer - New York - Mountain
    3854 - Alleria - Chicago - Central
    3648 - Aggramar - Chicago - Central
    3611 - Icecrown - New York - Mountain
    3588 - Garona - Chicago - Central
    3474 - Alexstrasza - Chicago - Central
    3474 - Dalaran - New York - Eastern
    3436 - Turalyon - New York - Eastern
    3394 - Greymane - Chicago - Central
    3222 - Medivh - Chicago - Eastern
    3128 - Kargath - Chicago - Eastern
    3111 - Arygos - New York - Eastern
    3074 - Malygos - Chicago - Central
    3058 - Lothar - Chicago - Eastern
    3058 - Bloodhoof - Chicago - Eastern
    3025 - Exodar - New York - Eastern
    2934 - Llane - Chicago - Eastern
    2916 - Eonar - Chicago - Eastern
    2809 - Blackhand - Chicago - Central
    2795 - Trollbane - Chicago - Eastern
    2784 - Hellscream - Chicago - Central

Data is based on API info published by Guild Ox.
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Hi Floaty. While I can't speak specifically to the ally side, I can give you some generalities. Hoof is a launch server so we're old. Ally typically beats out the horde but only by a small margin. Historically in PVP, ally does better in some BGs but loses in others. Back in the day, AV used to be mostly ally but horde typically ruled some of the others. Drama seems to be at an all time low. The top progressed guild for early years was an ally one, now it's been horde. Top ten on hoof is 6 ally guilds, 4 horde. I've heard our AH economy tends to run on the high side.

I really do recommend highly that you go through our forum history and check on some previous threads that ask some of the same questions. it may help.
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Our server is pretty awesome, at least horde side in my opinion. However, with the new LFR system, pugs are pretty impossible to get. If you want to raid, you need to be in a guild that's capable to do so.

Anyways, my guild is 4/16 heroic and were recruiting. hit me up in game (kylik#1111) or post on here if you'd like to get more information
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People don't even enchant their gear here they're casual, no shoulder enchants and everything
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horde is pretty good. alliance cant 1v1 on this server.
horde G.I JOES every pvp encounter. dont know about pve.
prices are surprisingly good.
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When it comes to PvP, Horde always talks a lot, but didn't back it up where it mattered. Season 12 stats:
  • Nygma (Alliance) was the only player on the Top 2000 ladder for RBGs.
  • 3 of the 4 Top 200 2v2 teams on Ruin were Alliance. Only 1 Horde team was above 1800.
  • 3 of the 4 Top 200 3v3 teams on Ruin were Alliance. Only the top Alliance team was above 2200.
  • All of the 4 Top 200 5v5 teams on Ruin were Alliance. The top Horde team was below 1000.
  • None of the #1 Realm arena teams were on Horde.

In PvE, Horde had the best 25-man (Dark Pact) and 10-man (Pariah) for Tier 14. They also got almost every Galleon kill. Alliance had the bulk of the server's "top raiding guilds" but several of them didn't or can't repeat their current progression. In comparison from 2 of my previous servers (Turalyon and Stormrage), Bloodhoof is like watching Johnny Knoxville in The Ringer. The majority of Bloodhoof players are casual, at best.

Also, in the past month, Horde has had a 2.1% decline and Alliance has had a 0.2% decline in active level 90 characters. Considering that player alts that reach 90 should create an increase (unless the player completely quit doing anything on their main), both numbers are bad.

AH Prices are blah. Current content mat farming has been made easier by Blizzard, so medium to small servers will suffer less from a diminished player base. It also means there are less buyers, so the changes to professions in 5.2 will temporarily mask this problem since people will have another reason why to use the mats ... until we start to reach 5.3, where they'll band-aid it again with another temporary fix. Larger servers may suffer on the AH with the changes to Sunsong Ranch's increased output on raw mats and more alts being available to farm.

02/07/2013 09:54 AMPosted by Rwatsu
People don't even enchant their gear here they're casual, no shoulder enchants and everything

03/04/2013 10:29 AMPosted by Madlox
03/04/2013 10:29 AMPosted by Madlox
dont know
03/04/2013 10:29 AMPosted by Madlox
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I would warn you away, however, who knows enough fresh blood into the server may kick start it a bit
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Speaking as someone who has played both Alliance and Horde on several realms, Hoof is one of my favorites so far. There are, of course, your typical douchey trolls; however, they are fewer in number here than most other places.

As an observer, I've noticed that Alliance struggles in killing Oondasta while Horde has killed him 3(??) times so far. I've heard from a friend who just came over from Hoof Alliance to the "dark side" that Alliance is just awful here.

Hope that helped. Good luck finding the right fit for your guild. :)
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I've noticed that Alliance struggles in killing Oondasta while Horde has killed him 3
Stormrage-Alliance has had more wipes than any other server by far, even though the boss has been up the same amount of times. Smaller, coordinated groups = Win for Oondasta. Boss mechanics should've been the easiest give away on that one. Oondasta is a pretty bad example to cite when trying to justify why Horde is better. I'm sure you could do better.

There are, of course, your typical douchey trolls; however, they are fewer in number here than most other places.
This is mostly true. Bloodhoof managed to run off some of the biggest idiots I've ever met. After a while, people get sick of stupid and the same non-funny jokes that get ignored in trade. They managed to pass as semi-talented players until their carries got sick of them too.

03/21/2013 12:27 PMPosted by Thizzlee
Hoof is one of my favorites so far.
I'd agree with this, atm. Stormrage was my favorite Alliance server, however its grown too big for its own good. Turalyon use to be my favorite for Horde, but its not nearly as fun since the Might-Fusion competition is gone and most of the top-end raiders jumped ship or went Alliance. Servers are just more fun as a whole when there is a semi-friendly but competitive relationship between the #1 and #2, especially when its Horde vs. Alliance.
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