<Hi My Name is Amy> recruiting for PVP

90 Blood Elf Priest
<Hy My Name is Amy> is back and looking to expand our rank again within the PVP community. Yes, you can say we are somewhat exclusive but that is what sets us apart from the rest of the other PVP guilds. All we ask is that you have a 2K achievment in either arenas or RBGS.

About us:
<Hi My Name is Amy> has been around since vanilla WoW. We have always focused on PVP rather than PVE and have strived to be the best. We ONLY produce the highest level of PVP and expect each member to represent the guild well by climbing the ranks in ALL PVP ladders.

<HMNIA> Has underwent a ton of changes in the past few years with core members quitting WoW or people transferring to different servers. However, with the new expansion, <HMNIA> is being revived again and is looking to dominate the shadowburn battlegroup.

How we work:
Our guild is ran by some of the Original Members of <HMNIA>. This includes former Gladiators, Hero's of the Horde, and Arena Masters. Mostly all of our members are and have been highly ranked in whatever PVP they are involved in. RBG's are weekly, and arenas are subjective to however you would like to manage your time. We post the scheduled events in our weekly calendar so therefore no one can say that they didnt know.

This guild is an exclusive guild. We dont have many rules, but the only rules we do have are simple. If you suck at PVP, you will get kicked. You must have a 2K achiev to be in this guild. If you do not have a 2K achievment and want to get into the guild you can still apply, but it will be a case by case scenario.

For any questions feel free to hit me up in game or message Rahtal in game. We look forward to hearing from you!
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90 Tauren Druid
2k achieve to get in haha what a joke

push would be rolling over in his grave
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90 Human Hunter
Tell Rahtal that Bubblês misses him.
Edited by Rawrzy on 1/21/2013 5:19 PM PST
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99 Pandaren Warrior
Heya Steve :)
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I miss you too Bubbles!!! Hit me up on battlenet Rahtal#1679
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90 Undead Priest
Could be keen if you have an RBG spot, have T2 alts that can be used also.
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88 Troll Mage
Tell Hephaestus what up, if he still plays. I miss Dark Iron.
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90 Human Hunter
I miss you too Bubbles!!! Hit me up on battlenet Rahtal#1679

Should come back to sargeras and RBG with Dan, Domzi, and me. And where is tuggles?!?!
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
This server really is dead. Sargeras looks beat too. :(
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