RP Guilds?

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I have a few characters on Feathermoon, and they're in various guilds, but none of them is focused, or really includes any, RP? I was hoping that some people might be able to suggest an active, friendly guild that places a focus on RPing?

I tend to play on the Alliance, since that's where my roommate plays, and he's the one who ended up getting me back into WoW. The characters I'm most interested in RPing there are a gnome mage and night elf hunter.

And it's not that I dislike the Horde! I think I prefer them sometimes, but ... maybe you know how it is? Once one has a high level character on one faction, and can easily gain money, etc there, it's a bit difficult to "start over"?

So, yeah. Any Alliance guilds that RP, or any Horde RP guilds that wouldn't mind helping someone get up to speed on their side?

Oh, I should also mention that I'm really really relaxed of a player. Sometimes I enjoy PvP, sometimes I enjoy PvE, but I haven't had much fun in the 85-90 areas, which is why I ended up creating these alts.

Thank you very much for your time.))
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100 Human Paladin
You should check out Jaerika's post that lists a lot of guilds on Feathermoon and it includes some RP guilds.

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90 Tauren Shaman
Thanks for the plug, Freek.

And no worries on your faction statements, Faeye! I totally understand.

I do hope you'll find a good fit!
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60 Dwarf Paladin
My guild is a small RP community that is always looking for new people to RP with! Let us know in-game if interested :)
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65 Night Elf Priest
We are a level 2 guild on feathermoon. We have 3 people a level 84, level 15, and me a level 34. We are going to be a rp guild. We have a guild we like to to with and do things with called strangers united. We have our first tab of or bank open and a symbol of two snakes entwined that are green with a black background if you have questions just post or if you wanna join!
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90 Night Elf Mage
The <Order of the Rose> is a heavy RP guild that welcomes role players of any stripe.

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