Currently I am in a friends and family guild and looking to join a raiding guild.
-I have been playing since vanilla beta but I quit during the end of Wrath and resubbed on a new account during the end of Cataclysm.
-I healed during Molten Core when it was relevant but most of my time in wow has been tanking. Main tanked for all BC Heroics, Kara, Grull, Mag, Naxx (wrath), RS when they were progression. Currently I am dps as Demo Warlock and wish to continue as such.
-I have a family and full time job so not looking to raid more than 3 nights a week, sometime between the hours of 6pm-11pm est preferably on weekends.
-Looking for a guild that has raiding requirements and not just a weekly slap together lets wing it sort of thing.
Send me a mail or something in game if interested. Thanks