I'm not really sure the best way to try to find partners so I guess I'll post in a few different spots on the forums.

First off my highest 3s achievement is 1550 I do believe I'm a lot better then that but give only played with partners from trade and a few RL friends just to cap points.

I'm a very vocal player and I want to play with other players who will call out and communicate and discuss what we did right and wrong after the match so we can improve. I want players who can take and give constructive criticism without getting into arguments. Not sure if it matters here but I have played Halo competitively so I know about teamwork and working together and improving as a team. I'm not wanting to deal with people raging after a few losses and breaking up the team I would really like a set team to play with. I really want this to last awhile as I don't raid anymore so this will be my main focus so we will have a set team going into 5.2

Also im 30 and would like to play with other mature players I don't really care about the age just don't want to deal with rude punks. I own/run a business so my work hours vary so I am able to play quite a bit but the times will change from day to day and at the moment Fridays and Saturday nights I won't be on much. I'm usually on from around 6-11 EST

I'll list my alts, it doesn't really matter but if anyone cares. I have played a DK, mage, Lock,Rogue and holy paladin at max level on friends accounts.




My battletag is Reckless#1293 please message me in game so we can discuss I would prefer to stay Horde but if the team feels right I'll switch servers also I would prefer to xfer to a pvp server but im open on that as well.