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Oh man, this is going to hurt... I DIDN'T READ A SINGLE WORD OF THAT POST, because none of your points are valid or relevant. The fact that you wrote that wall of text shows that you're getting visibly upset that nobody has taken your ridiculous claims seriously (after days of attempts), and my comments about your personality have obviously been spot on. It's been clear since the beginning who the troll is, and everyone reading this thread can see that it's obviously you.

Like I said, continue to derail this thread with your pathetic personal attacks and slander all you want. You're the one digging yourself a hole that you won't be able to dig out of. You have also conveniently dismissed yet another invitation to an RBG with us so you can watch us in action, which would prove much more than a single screenshot. You can argue against a screenshot, so I can see why you've been scared to accept our invitation. You know the circumstances, you know you're in the wrong, yet you're still spending hours of your day spewing garbage about people you don't know. Again, you're clearly a pathetic human being, and this thread is now a testament to that.

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I am enjoying myself and this thread right now.

I can understand why you are being so defensive about you exploiting, but being defensive about me calling you bad or a liar. Why so defensive? Nothing to be upset about, you are bad and you are a liar.

My last post, which I'm sure you are ignoring because it is 100% true, said nothing personal. It shouldn't have rubbed you the wrong way. I'm not being mean I'm just being honest.

But to sum everything up, yes you are an exploiter, stop saying you aren't.
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lol blackhand is always good for a laugh

edit: he prolly wintraded and lol at rbg's taking more skill than arena.

you reek of wintrader scum.

btw you can check you win / loss in rbgs and its fairly easy to see you wintraded
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Sly, don't take the 1750 player's opinion about arena seriously.

Was only using his logic to prove he sucked.

Edit: Had to address the right person* for foreign relations n stuff
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Just went in game to check, 74-52 this season. Seems legit.

Don't try to argue when thinks are so readily available.

Stay small kid
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If you want he'll invite you to his group and prove he isn't exploiting,...

Although that invitation is probably as illegitimate as his rating.
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Nothing about any of your posts have been true, that's the most rewarding part for us.

Anyways, you've already been reported for your repeated harassment. When we do RBGs this weekend someone will be sure to link a SS in this thread, but hopefully you'll be gone by then.

I have nothing else to say to such a blatant liar, as I know you're just going to move on to the next lie as we continue to easily debunk each of your claims.

~Song out, in regards to Iced Latte at least..
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How am I a LIAR. Please I beg you explain this.

What have I said that isn't true? Look at page response I gave you. Nothing about that post isn't true.

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Unlike you, I play all my RBGs legit. We stream them all.

I have a nearly 100% win/loss and I know EXACTLY the type of w/l it takes to achieve 2200 this season.

You know why I know? Because we sell rating to people like you. People that can't get the rating legitimately and come to us for your shiny new t2 weapons.

You don't go from being a 1750 player to 2200 overnight and no one who reads this thread believes it for a second.

Stop trying to have an arguement when you've already been proven wrong, your just digging yourself in deeper.
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Sly, I never said a word about RBG's being harder than arena. They are two different playstyles, and I don't have enough experience in either to make that claim (I've been a progression tank since Vanilla, and recently started to PvP in MoP). I don't need to explain myself to Venti, but I will give you (and everyone else) a little insight (no pun intended) into our group.

We're ADMITTEDLY, a ''new'' group. We're all old PvE nubs that have taken up PvP since MoP as our main priority. We randomly came together a few months ago, and did a few RBG's. We all decided that we enjoyed it, so we formed a 'real' group hoping to learn enough to get into the 1800+ brackets at first. None of us think we're ''Godly'' players, but we quickly realized that we were all competent enough and started learning how to play well (and win) as a group.

Yes, my record is 74-52, and I'm extremely proud of that considering I (and a few other people in the group) haven't done ANY competitive PvP in my years of playing this game. There was a huge learning curve to overcome, and I feel that we hit 2.2k fairly quickly given our lack of prior experience. If you check our achievements, we moved up in rating weekly and never plateaud at any given rating (so far), which is exactly what we were hoping for when our group formed. ''Learn together, get better, continue to move up'' is basically how we all feel about our group.

Was our road to 2.2k harder than that of 'known' high rated players? Of course. We had to build our players from the ground up and learn everything about RBGs in the course of a few months, but WE DID IT. The best part about it is, none of us even feel that hitting 2.2k was 'that' big of a deal, (until we saw the responses in this thread) and we're certain that we can continue to grow as a group, and push for higher rating this season.

I do understand why someone in the 'PvP scene' would be wary of seemingly ''random'' players hitting 2.2k, but many people on the server have played with us, and many more on servers like KT and Tich have done the same, and enjoyed it. If you know anyone that has, feel free to talk to them about us. Nobody (including myself) thinks we're a ''great'' team, but the people that we play with do know that we're a legitimate team.

I said before, that I can't do RBGs until Tuesday (because I'm a whole TEN CP away from my T2 weapon aka worst Marshal ever) but someone in our group will surely SS at least one of the team's wins this weekend to show everyone our progress. Until then, we're going to have to deal with people that don't believe us, which we can handle. It's just unfortunate that the first reply to my OP was that of hate and not congratulations. I thought people on BH would be happy that we have at least one 2.2k team on the server, which is why I made my first ever forum post. But, boy was I wrong..

[edit] I do commend you on streaming all of your RBGs btw. If my computer wasn't an upgraded version of a toaster I would love to do the same, but currently don't have the resources to do so. In video games, not documenting 'big' achievements can turn out like this (I saw it first hand when the PoE week long HC race was going on a couple weeks ago, the eventual winner didn't stream, so of course people made the claims that he was account sharing due to having the highest time /played). In hindsight, I SHOULD have SS'd some of our wins if I was going to post about our accomplishment on the forums, which is why I will make sure to personally SS some wins next week. It's just something I haven't thought to do, because I haven't had a reason to, until now. Someone else in the group might post a few before then if they feel the need. Until then, I understand where your reservations lie, and I almost feel bad that you're going to have to eat your words in a few days. :P

[edit edit] As you can see from our achievements alone, after our initial push to 1700 (which took two whole weeks {one night of RBGs per week}), we consistently gained 100 rating points each week and a shiny new title. I don't see how anyone can believe this isn't possible for an ''unknown group with no arena rating''. We played together, learned together, and... got better? Is that supposed to be hard to believe?

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I thought Sly settled this? You are obviously not legit.
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You didn’t settle anything. You’re a coward and garbage. Sore loser go be sore.

I don’t need your help now or ever. Post your screens of BIG wins. Cause tell you what we are a new team. We will embarrass you, we do now by the fact you CANT get here. You can cry all you want but get here, come meet us in RBGs and get owned.
Don’t like the arms warrior in my team comp? GREAT but we got somewhere you’re not, won’t be and can’t get too. How hard is it to carry a flag, group tight as a team and burn kill targets CC healers? It’s simple. I think I’ve show great leadership getting together a group that can do what we've done. I tell our team all the time that we are new and have ALOT of fine tuning to go. Still better than you’re YEARS of failing at it. 2200 being tough? You’re a joke kid.
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Um,.. you obviously can't read. But I've been were you are in RBGs. I've been a lot higher, and I did it without win trading. Just look at Nforced's post.

So everything you just said means nothing,

Keep up the win trading and try harding.

I'll still be here being the best of all time.
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What about his post? He says you’re a horrible person who "may have been" at rating with the group and "as far as he remembers" you pulled your weight. I have a lot of respect for the old transcended group, they are good players. So yea, they might have carried you, just like I offered to do. I just won’t get you over the 2200 hill so you can clam "you’re the best of all time" for being carried.

Go be fat somewhere else.
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Hmm. I guess your comprehension skills are as bad as Song's. Perhaps you should reread it again. He is actually supporting with what he said, though indirectly. He said we only played really high teams at that rating. Well you guys are at similar rating so should be playing top rated teams like no other. Lol but you're not. exploiters.

He quit around the time we were 2300-2400, well we actually got a lot higher than that. I quit around 2500.

So last I checked,.. Real 2500 > Fake 2200.

Stop being mad, bad, not glad, and sad.
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*obligatory ''SS or it didn't happen...''

*obligatory /yawn
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*not good at the game,...*

*need to exploit to get rating
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Unfortunately I only have a few screenshots from back then. One vs panic (venti wasn't there for that one), one vs Faded Dreams and one where I hit grand marshal (venti was present for those). Our rating was a bit spread out since we were running with a bunch of different people when it would switch from 10man and 15man weeks.



and just for fun the other screenshots I found



Also I was in celebrity/game theory when I was ally, I just joined trans this past Dec so I'm not old school trans nor were any of the others we ran with. :P
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Nforced, thanks for going through your old SS's. Those are pretty cool, makes me miss some of the old players from BH.

Unfortunately for Latte, one you provided (http://i.imgur.com/TcaC9.jpg) showed him at a 1500 rating, your's was at 2300, and your team rating was 1750 while your opponent's was at 750. This does nothing to prove that he is/was a good player and wasn't carried, HOWEVER, I am NOT disputing this. I don't know how good Latte is, and I don't have any intentions of calling him a bad player without knowledge of his skills, or based on a very lopsided RBG SS.

My only issue with him is his terrible attitude and his attempts to discredit us and mark us as cheaters, with his only ''proof'' being 'gemming, lack of arena rating, and prior lack of PvP experience'. None of those things are 'evidence' of anything. The only real evidence I see is that it took us 'two nights/weeks' to hit 1700, then we went up 100 rating points each week after that, and eventually broke 2.2k this week. With that being such easy information to obtain (through my RBG achievement list), I don't see how he can even attempt to go through such lengths to label someone a cheater with such terrible, irrelevant ''evidence''...

Anyways, thanks for the screens (showoff :P).

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Has anyone on this fourm thought about maybe they have the team work and the damage out put to be at the 2200 level. Maybe they have played together so much that they work well together and dont yell at each other and understand that things happen in battle ? if you work together you will go further and you can imagine. I personally think that this season is all about getting the gear and after you have the gear the thing that makes you go further is the player. After you have the gear its the skill and how well you know your character to be the best you can be.
I am Helio -A ret paladin- im decent at my class i still make major mistakes but im learning because im new to this whole pvp thing.
my friends tell me im getting better but i still have a very long journey to be the best i can be.
Quit hating on people for what they have earned proudly i have seen these guys play together its awesome and they are like brothers.
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