Wow Tcg Buy&Sell thread #something 2

90 Human Warlock
...........since #something got capped, and we lost track of the numbers, and the other one someone else previously made seems to be MIA.

Wooly White Rhino
Big Battle Bear
Savage Raptor - SOLD

Dragon Kite - lvl 22
Grell Moss
Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)
Nightsaber Cub
Purple Puffer
Crawling Claw lvl 6
Soul-Trader Beacon - SOLD
Rocket Chicken SOLD

LVL 25 guild - SOLD

I am accepting gold as well as TCG mounts, pets, and/or other rare items on MY server (you have to transfer to me).

I might also accept gold on a high-pop realm, of course for a little extra gold!

I am also interested in buying TCG items in bulk.
I have a level 3 guild with 1 bank tab that I am willing to provide for you if you come to my server with gold!

Message me in-game, or add nonamekiller#1598 to negotiate prices!
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
Wts on Uldaman horde side

Will however go 50k for the darkmoon rabbit and 52k for the rocket chicken for a person to person trade. Would be fine with 50k for the rocket chicken and a mini pet valued around 2k on Uldaman. Or as a package deal ill sell them both for 100k even :) Will not transfer, priced them as an incentive for a transfer where you will more then get your moneys worth also willing to negotiate as well so just send an offer and we will talk.
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85 Draenei Shaman
Got what I was looking for!

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90 Blood Elf Priest
WTB Reins of the Spectral Tiger 195k on illidan horde.

90 Pandaren Hunter
WTS on US-Turalyon Alliance

Big Blizzard Bear SOLD
Murky's Little Soulstone

WTB on US-Turalyon Alliance

Spectral Tiger Cub
Soul-Trader Beacon OBTAINED
Dragon Kite OBTAINED
Rocket Chicken OBTAINED

Reins of the Spectral Tiger
X-51 Nether-Rocket

Battle tag: Onslaught#1774

Looking For Best Possible Offers.
WTB TCG/Pets/Mount/Codes. (Any)

WTS Darkmoon Rabbit (SOLD) 65.5K
WTS White Riding Camel 85K
WTS Haunted Memento Offer
Current Realm: Draenor
Faction: Alliance

Name: Ãw (Alt 0195)
Real ID:
Battle Tag: Kevin22494#1644

Can not realm hop, or faction change.

I want gold only, willing to post on neutral AH, but hoping for a face to face trade.
I pay in gold only, willing to buy from neutral AH, but hoping for a face to face trade.

Will lower price if you faction/realm hop to buy it.
Will up price if you faction/realm hop to sell stuff.
90 Blood Elf Priest
why do you guys post things that are sold lol. you arent even editing them to being sold. youre just strait posting items for the first time on this post as sold. just saying people dont wanna waste their time reading highlighted blue and purple items that they need then see its sold and/or that you don't need it anymore.
12 Goblin Warrior
Trade complete. :)

Thanks to Mist for the smooth transaction! Great guy and a reputable trader.
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90 Human Mage
#27. Its tcg thread 27. :P
WTS on Proudmoore-Alliance. Will not transfer.
Battletag: Lightshadow#1666

Magic Rooster Egg 200k
Feldrake 190k
Blazing Hippogryph 85k
White Riding Camel 75k
Savage Raptor 75k
Big Battle Bearx2 60k each
Mottled Drake 70k
Swift Shorestrider 70k

Tabard of the Lightbringer 140k

I will consider trades for other tcg mounts/items.
I will also accept Orb of Mystery valued at 17.5k each (500g less than vendor cost with a lvl 25 guild perk. This is because JC panthers at times go for the price of mats on this realm. 500g is to cover the tip I give to crafters so I can break even). This way you don't have to transfer an entire guild.
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90 Goblin Mage
WTB the following on Stonemaul - Horde:

  • Reins of the Spectral Tiger
  • or
  • Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger
  • My battle tag is nectarine#1543 to discuss a deal and I am unable to transfer ATM.

    Thank you for looking.
    100 Night Elf Warrior
    WTT: Soul-Trader Beacon

    Willing to trade for a Magic Rooster Egg.

    BattleTag: SmallPaul84#1866
    Edited by Nibenon on 1/23/2013 8:43 PM PST
    90 Human Death Knight

    Magic Rooster Egg 210K
    Savage Raptor 100K
    Amani Dragonhawk 80k
    Blazing Hippogryph 80k
    Rocket Chicken

    Kel Thuzad i will not xfer.
    Edited by Vinture on 1/10/2013 8:01 PM PST
    90 Troll Rogue
    WTS Big Battle Bear 85k
    Swift Shorestrider 75k

    Laughing Skull - Horde

    90 Troll Warrior
    WTS on U.S. Mal'ganis, horde

    Lil' Deathwing - 500k

    Add this amazing pet to your collection today! This code that I am selling will also upgrade your account to Cataclysm Collector's edition.

    I will only accept a direct gold trade and you must trade first because I have been scammed often in the past.

    And just know that I am not able to server transfer, so you will have to come to me. Contact me if you have any other questions. My battletag and other relevant information is provided below:

    Battletag: Lajos#1444
    Skype: Soldier612
    100 Human Paladin

    X-51 Nether-Rocket 130k

    X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME 110k

    Willing to sell BOTH for 230k

    Prices are negotiable.

    Battle Tag: Hazegamer#1947
    Edited by Prömethazine on 1/10/2013 6:16 AM PST
    90 Blood Elf Paladin
    I am seeking a Soul-Trader Beacon

    I can offer all 4 of the JC panthers or combine them into a Jeweled Onyx Panther plus various pets.

    Extra pets: Tuskarr Kite, Crawling Claw (level 25), all four whelplings, disgusting oozeling, Anubisath Idol (level 25), Frigid Frostling, Imperial Moth, Black Tabby Cat, Grinder, Firefly, Fox Kit, Hyacinth Macaw. (Any of the other raiding with leashes pets, Argent Tournament pets, Pengu, Nether Ray Fry, Tiny Sporebat, any of the pandaran spirits, JC pets, goblin/ worgen/ panda starter pets, crimson lasher, hyjal bear cub, any darkmoon fair pet, any of the other arch pets)

    Singles that I would be willing to consider giving up in a deal involving a soul trader: Bananas (level 25), Hippogryph Hatchling, common trading card game pets (grell, puffer, nightsaber cub, eye of the legion, landro's lichling, landro's lil XT), Darkmoon Eye, Aqua Strider, Rare enchanted broom (level 25), Rare Fishy, Rare Ghostly Skull, Rare Gilnean Raven, Gundrak Hatchling, Rare Jade Crane Chick, Rare Legs, Magical Crawdad, Rare Mana Wyrmling, Rare Mechanical Pandaran Dragonling, any of the four fishing crocolisks, Rare Peddlefeet, Phoenix Hatchling, Porcupette, Razzashi Hatchling, Rare Sapphire Cub, Rare Sea Pony, Searing Scorchling, Rare Speedy, Rare Winter's Little Helper, Rare Wolpertinger.

    (Any pet marked with Rare in front of it has been upgraded via a stone. This is a general idea of the more interesting parts of my collection. My id is Vasala#1465 you are welcome to talk to me to work out what you would be willing to trade it for of the things I have available.)

    Note I would be willing to work out a deal involving pets / mounts in this list for either a Fel Drake or a Spectral Tiger Cub as well since either of those I can trade for the pet I really want aka the Soul Trader. (I marked the pets that were 25 as of the time of this post. The others are of various levels and may or may not have hit 25 by the time a deal is worked out.)
    100 Human Paladin

    X-51 Nether-Rocket 130k

    X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME 110k

    Willing to sell BOTH for 230k

    Prices are negotiable.

    Battle Tag: Hazegamer#1947
    Edited by Prömethazine on 1/10/2013 6:16 AM PST
    1 Blood Elf Mage
    ------WELCOME TO WOWMART------
    -----------HORDE ZULUHED------------

    I will try to update my list as often as possible. I can list on the Nuetral AH if needed. Pst me in-game for details or any questions.

    WTS the following items:

    2X Reins of the Spectral Tiger 250K/EA

    1X Jeweled Onyx Panther

    CHOICE OF Sapphire Panther Jade Panther Ruby Panther Sunstone Panther

    WTB/WTT for the following mounts:

    Magic Rooster Egg
    Wooly White Rhino
    X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME
    Mottled Drake

    WTB the following pets:

    Spectral Tiger Cub
    Soul-Trader Beacon

    Will consider any TCG mounts and also am buying in Bulk. Will have to transfer here for any deals.

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