free 80 should i roll healer?

29 Human Paladin
So as of now I have an 80 mage, and soon to be 80 DK and rogue. I could also possibly give up my 70 twink warrior to level.

But I have never tried a healer, Most people say they don't like healing but a few do.
I have narrowed down to what I want my free 80 to be.

shaman, warlock, priest or paladin.

Any input on what you people find fun (without a huge time investment), please let me know ! ty
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34 Pandaren Monk
I found Holy Priest healing fun during the time I played with mine. I say go for it. :)
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90 Orc Warrior
If you're getting a free 80 out of the deal, I vote for druid.

Resto druids are tons of fun, you have lots of heals and utility. You're good in 5 mans, great in pvp, and while they are hurting in raids at the moment, that will be addressed sooner or later.

More mportantly, you get three other specs for your off spec, so you won't be a one spec wonder.
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100 Tauren Druid
I love healing. Spent five years raid tanking, with this guy only coming out for drunken alt runs of Naxx and the rare appearance in ToC when it was on farm.

Love it. in progression, it's nail biting enough (I need to cast MORE HEALS!), but without the jaw clenching that I used to have in progression tanking. I feel more in control while healing.

Druid appeals to me. Having my choice of healing, melee dps, ranged dps or tanking all in one toon is very appealing. When I took a SoR this summer, I used it on a priest that I'd messed around with up to level 12. While she's still drowning in Vasj'ir (maybe I shouldn't have made my first attempt at playing a priest be when she was specced Holy ...), I did a quick play through of a couple Wrath 5s, and it was fun. Definitely different that HoT healing.
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85 Goblin Death Knight
I don't care for druid healing myself, but I would second the idea of making it your free 80 so that you have the option to fill all 4 roles in the game.

If you are specifically looking for a healing character, I might recommend a priest as it is the only class with two healing specs. I enjoyed leveling as an atonement specced discipline priest in Cata, often topping the dps charts while keeping everyone alive. It is also my understanding that the holy priest play style is completely different as well.
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