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About us

We are a 10 man guild on the Kul Tiras server, as horde. We are casual-core environment which means we plan on completing the current tier efficiently in a timely manner but on a much less rigorous schedule than most progression environments. Most of us currently have other responsibilities in our lives besides gaming so we can't commit that 24/7 lifestyle to gaming and want to be able to raid while also having social schedules. We picked a quiet server to reside on to have a more intimate feel with our community and enjoy that server competitiveness. Most of our core members have been playing wow for over 6 years and have been on the cutting edge of progression in multiple tiers and finishing in the top 10 us and world in 10 and 25 man modes. We are very interested in achieving a regularly competitive pvp atmosphere with 3's-5's and rbg teams.

Raid Times

We plan on raiding 2-3 days a week, right now those days are Saturday, Sunday and possibly Monday. Raid will start at 7pm and go to 10:30pm server time (Central Time).

If you have any questions for us please contact us in game by messaging: Azmodias, Pimz, or Fidlesticks.
You can also check out our guild website at < http://casualtown.enjin.com/home >
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90 Human Priest
Thanks Fidd :D And hello to Kul Tiras!
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25 Undead Mage
Hai guys. Hopefully my druid will be here soon.
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90 Troll Druid
Woot. Druid's here. Party.
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90 Undead Priest
Leadership/Raid Experience: We have remained friends over the course of our whole wow careers but each have a unique facet of experiences and skills. Myself, I raided in mid 200-300 range of wow for 4 years, then I joined Premonition on Senjin the US 2nd guild, and when they made the decision to conclude raiding I went to Vodka and raided. Fidd was with me in Change Machine on Vashj, then went to Swims in Lava one of the top US 10 mans. Azmo has been in multiple US 100-150 guilds in his career and mainly pvps on Tich with <Hey Im MVP> and already has multiple server first gold modes on different classes. Putrifid/Ledonn was in multiple US 100 guilds. These are just some of our core members.

Progression:: Our current core members range from 15/16hm 10/16hm+, 2/16hm, to fresh players that just got back into wow since FL. We're being pretty accommodating to all styles of players and can work with people to help them re-roll/relevel/get caught up to raid.

If you have any questions for us please contact us in game :) :)

Really enjoying the nice small server so far <3
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90 Tauren Paladin
Speaking on behalf of my subjects of Kul Tiras Horde, we welcome you and wish you good luck.
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90 Undead Warlock

We are looking for 1-2 DPS for spots in our 10 man raiding group atm. Are open to any class by prefer ranged.

Also checking out for another healer (shaman/disc/druid variety).

All cleared in Normal T14 +Elite mode-- starting those heroics
1/12 ToT

Attendance is what is holding us back, solid group of what we have and great leadership among-st every member in the guild.

Talk to myself, or Azmodias if interested! GLHF <3
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90 Undead Mage
If we get another range does that mean I can go back MS Feral?!?
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90 Undead Warlock
NO lol
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