Yah thats right I recently came back to the game and I used to have tons of options, I miss that. I'm looking for someone that wants to level a few toons, maybe even on a few different servers, and even both sides. Im broke as a joke In-game so I cant really provide you with much (hence why i said other servers) I am currently on Burning Legion Alliance and Horde I have a 90 on both, however my server is completely dead, The auction house is empty and nobody wants to do anything, but derp around in SW/ORG in LFG. Looking for someone around my age, that knows the game and is coming back to the game like myself, I'm 23 so 20+ would be great, However It doesn't bother me if you are a new player looking to get to end game quickly, I don't mind passing on my WoW knowhow. Get back to me on here or at my email Leebennett716@yahoo.com