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Hi Doomhammer,

My friends and I have come to find ourselves in a position to look for a new home. I currently play a 483 Moonkin on Korialstrasz and our raid leader/GM had to take a break from the game causing our raid team to fall apart. I have been the assistant RL/GM since this guild was founded but I also do not have the time to take the reins of the guild and raid team. Furthermore, Korialstrasz has a very poor pool of raiders to rebuild from and continue progressing. Our team made it to 4/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF (we were 3% with one leg 50% on Garalon before things fell apart).

At this time, myself and two of my close friends have decided to look for a new home on a better server with a better pool of raiders, guilds and economy. We are definitely looking to stay alliance and we are all adult, mature, competent, reliable raiders who are very sociable people that are a benefit to any raid team and guild. I bring with my Moonkin two exceptional players, 488 fire mage and 490 DPS warrior (currently SMF). All of us have been playing since TBC and have been raiding since then and want to stick together as a team going forward. We all have experience in both 10 and 25 settings with mostly 10 man raiding since the start of Cata however we are open to either setting if the fit is right.

What is the landscape like here on Doomhammer for a group like us? Are there any guilds with room for the 3 of us to continue to raid together as part of good team? We are not looking for hardcore progression but would like to find a better group to move quicker than what we were saddled with on Korialstrasz. If anyone has any helpful information if Doomhammer would make a good home for us or any guilds that may be interested in adding us to their raiding ranks please reply here or contact me in game at Arkades#1365.


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come to kil' jaeden it is better, horde and alliance are very progressed. a lot of raiding guilds with any raid time imaginable
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Hiya Energylegs. I'll answer your questions to the best of my abilities.

01/16/2013 09:38 AMPosted by Energylegs
What is the landscape like here on Doomhammer for a group like us?

For raiding, and I speak for the Alliance faction, Doomhammer is decent. Currently, it's ranked 54th in the US for overall raid progression with multiple guilds that are working on heroic raid progression. In the week and during prime time (7 and later on the realm, generally), trade seems to be fairly active with guilds that are looking to fill a few slots on their roster for that night or PUGs starting up. It's nowhere near as active as high-end realms (e.g. top 10 realms) but the realm is definitely not dead.

01/16/2013 09:38 AMPosted by Energylegs
Are there any guilds with room for the 3 of us to continue to raid together as part of good team?

I would recommend looking at one of the 25M guilds on the realm, specifically Phoenix Resurrection or Out of Mobs. It's far easier to fit 3 players into a 25M roster vs a 10M roster.
If you'd prefer the 10M atmosphere, I'm sure you'd eventually find a guild that could fit the three of you in, seasoned as you all are.

All that being said, Doomhammer is still only ranked 54th in the US. I know you said you're not looking for hardcore raiding but I'd still recommend looking into one of the more high-end realms. This is mainly because those realms tend to have a lot of activity which results in lots of guild recruiting. You'd be able to find a guild with no problem if you were to check out one of the higher ranked realms.

I'd recommend using these two resources to help determine which realm would be the best fit for you three. Since you're interested in raiding, check out the alliance dominated realms that are ranked higher up on wowprogress (e.g. Sargeras/Stormrage).


Best of luck on finding a new home!
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Thanks for the detailed information Novalas, that was the kind of information I was hoping to learn about the servers we are looking into. I understand what you are saying about "only ranked 54th" however I am currently on the 169th ranked server. I actually used WoWProgress to select Doomhammer and several other servers to inquire about. We are not in need of a top ranked server, just a better place to call home that provides a better community and raiders. We are also looking to find a server that is hosted in the New York data center as we live on the east coast. Doomhammer actually meets most of those preliminary criteria and your description of the server is what we are looking for actually. Thanks again for your detailed response, it will be a great help in finding the best home for us going forward.

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Hello Energylegs,

I am one of the healers from Out of Mobs and thank you Novalas for the recommendation =)

Out of Mobs raids from 8-12 EST on Tuesday/Thursday/Monday (I put Monday last as the WoW week starts on Tuesday)

I am from the East Coast myself, and have raided with Out of Mobs since it first came into the Doomhammer world.

We are always looking for good raiders, but we also have a good community of raiders and non-raiders that are always on.

To give you an idea of our current roster based on the specs you would be bringing, we already raid with 1 boomkin, 2 mages sometimes 3, and 1 DPS warrior.

You may feel free to ping me, but you can also ping Logiibob (GM), Firelass, Perucho, Destrawd or Avadaz for more information as well.

We also have a webpage www.outofmobs.com
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Hi Energylegs,

Ars Discordia is recruiting for their 10 man team and casuals are welcomed.

We are a causal & mature guild (over 18 only, our average age is around 30) but we pride ourselves on making steady progress (top 20 on server, we are 9/16) , and try to have as much fun as possible.

We raid 3 times/week (2 hour raids):

Monday: 7h30 -9h30 (6h30-8h30 pm PST, 8h30 -10h30 pm CST, 9h30 - 11h30pm EST).
Tuesday and Thursday: 7pm to 9 pm server (6-8pm PST, 8-10pm CST, 9-11pm EST).

If you have questions or are interested you can contact an officer in game (Praze, Prieto, Basement, Soneon, Onsone, Sonyad) or visit us at www.arsdiscordia.org.


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Hey Energylegs, As Nova stated a 25 man guild would be easier and we currently we are looking for a few more dps for our regular raid spots. We aren't hardcore but do try to push content. We raid Mon, Wed and Sun nights. You can contact me through my battletag Calebrizz#1471, ingame or through our website at www.phoenixresurrection.net

Thanks Nova for the recommendation
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