Warning Deathwing DO NOT G Invite this clown!

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So I had a warlock come to me attemping to app. Told a great story but it did not add up.
Claimed to be 6/6 H Msv and 4/6 H Hof. Of course I go into my process of wowprogress and what not to find that he hasnt even cleared 16/16 on normal. I brought my findings to his attention which he then claimed that he has a 2nd account. lulz here we go I thought. This moron then tells me oh im in the guild Whatever were awesome on my OTHER warlock. This warlock happens to be 15/16 Heroic. Knowing hes lieing I just had to keep going. You said your 6/6 - 4/6 heroic? This warlock is 15/16 heroic? His response to me was I dont like to tell people I'm 15/16 because they think I am lieing.

Falling out of my chair at this point from laughing I tell him to drop a app in at our website to make it official. I thinking to myself I got to see this dudes app. So I throw out a few whispers to some people related to WWA and they jump on it getting in contact with the Warlock who is 15/16 Heroic confiming this kid trying to app is a complete moron and a bad liar. I just wanted to share this info with the rest of Deathwing so no one has any trouble with this guy. Feel free to pst him for lulz I know I will. Here are some links to his app enjoy.

LOL We even interviewed him in mumble for lulz I should have recorded

HE IS NOW KNOWN AS MORBIDAGONY. He name changed! Bro if your reading this get to steppin to moonguard your not welcome on Deathwing.
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Clown is about right.

He didn't "leave Loose Cannon" because of lack of raiding (though replaced for his bad dps). He, along with all of his alts (Shiftÿ, Foereal, Outtammo) got the boot for pilfering items from the guild bank for no reason other than putting them on the AH.
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He got a name change, Spinetap is now Morbidagony. Just a heads up.
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01/21/2013 06:02 PMPosted by Fluttershy
He got a name change, Spinetap is now Morbidagony. Just a heads up.

LoL. wowprogress.com is really making it difficult for the douche nozzles to stay in the shadows. I'm not even sure how. Global character achievements?
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