Which healer to try next

90 Orc Rogue
This is a 'kind of' what class should I play, but is narrowed down a bit.

I love healing, I have been doing it since vanilla, always mained a healer, but with all the changes in Cata/MoP (only played a tiny bit of cata) I am trying to find one I really enjoy.

I have leveled both a Druid and Paladin to level 90 and am not enjoying either of them as much as I thought I would.

With the druid I pretty much dislike all the other specs because of clunky/lackluster rotations which makes questing/soloing/dailies so annoying it sucks the fun out of the entire class.

With the paladin I cannot find a groove, in LFR it just feels I am spamming AoE heals until I run out of mana. And I don't like building combo points to heal (holy power), if I want combo points I will play this rogue. However, I do like ret, it seems to flow for me.

I have a level 80 priest and shaman and level 10 monk, which one should I level next?
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90 Night Elf Druid
I'd probably suggest your priest then, since they offer two healing specs. I've been leveling one of mine up (currently 88 but I have a second at 85), and sometimes I quest as Disc which isn't so bad and sometimes I'll swap to shadow which I personally enjoy :D

LFR tends to be a faceroll aoe spamfest regardless of the healer you're on.
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90 Human Priest
Really, Applicator, it depends on what you like about healing!

Personally, I love my resto shaman and her cooldowns; with the changes to our talents, we suddenly get to have ALL the cooldowns- and don't tell blizzard, but our healing tide totem is the best of all burst cooldowns, because we drop it and KEEP HEALING OUR PANTS OFF. Divine Hymn and Tranq both require channeling. Our other totems are pretty fun, too, and actually require thinking- you can't just 'set it and forget it' like we used to.

On the other hand, I'd say we're still weak at spread healing- HTT doesn't have a limiting range, that I've experience, but our other two major cooldowns do. Ascendence is awesome but range limited; Spirit Link Totem has the same issue, though it's incredibly useful. The problem is, as a shaman healer, if you suck at using your cooldowns- your throughput will SERIOUSLY be behind. You really, really need to use them. If you're bad at CDs, you probably won't do so well at shaman.

I agree with you about druids; I quite enjoy healing on mine, but I hate, hate, hate boomkin. Even killing birds on my farm is a pain in the rump for me. I'm trying to build a feral set, but I'm not traditionally a melee sort of gal.

My paladin is okay, but I'm just not all that enthused about her, in spite of paladins' relative strength and the fact that our raid's paladin kicks my shaman's healing to the curb in a hardcore fashion. I'd love to love them, but I'm just not really feeling it!

I just got my priest here to 90 last night, and so far, he's very fun! But I haven't raided with him at all, and I haven't tried going disc yet, which I plan to. I like his shadow OS, which is a major advantage for me- shadow is fairly easy and not stupid and clunky like boomkin. I wouldn't call myself a master of it, but it isn't actively unfun to me.

I don't know anything about mistweavers, mine's still in outlands. :)
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90 Pandaren Monk
If you dont like the holy power aspect of the Holy Paladin then you most likely wont like the mistweaver. We have a similar mechanic with Chi. Have to build it up to use a good bit of our heals. I think it flows a little better, atleast for me it seems, than holy power.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I love my pally healer, but then I like the synch of essentially using two resources and building one from the other. If you don't really like tracking that, then as said, monk, which has a similar dual resource system, might feel too similar.

I love my priest as well - though I've gravitated towards disc more and more with the changes made just pre-cata with holy that continued to change the flavor of holy. I used to be almost strictly holy. If you get bored during periods of low damage when a lot of healers don't have much to do, disc might be for you. It's also a pretty darn effective questing and levelling spec - preferable to the others IMO for sheer survivability. And in terms of knowing "OH CRAP BIG DAMAGE COMING" nothing beats it for helping the whole healing team avoid losing anyone through just having too much HP to bring back up in too little time.

I haven't run my shammy this expansion as heals yet - but been running her resto as her offspec since BC, and she's always seemed to be learning curve friendly in comparison to some. Sure, there are CDs to manage, things to watch for, lile ES uptime, totems on CD, and RT uptime... but compared to the toolkit of my priest, it's pretty easy to manage, and has the bonus of two very different dps specs. Right now I'm enjoying elemental, after being enhance for 6 years.
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90 Draenei Priest
I love priests, I'm about to have 2 at 90. I'm goofy I know. I much prefer disc over holy though, I don't even want to go holy unless they totally bork disc again for some reason.
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