priests: low level holy is bad

90 Human Priest
Alright, so earlier today I made a priest on the PTR. Suffice it to say I though they were the beez neez; so I decided I wanted to level one.

I found Holy particularly cool with Chakras and Chastise and how it would change.

So I get level 10, and go Holy. Thinking I'd be all pew pew with Smite and Holy Fire, and maybe have a different direct heal.

Then once I start doing LFD, I am taking a closer look at my spell book, and I realize there is absolutely no reason to go Holy over Disc.

The starting difference is between Chastise and Penance. Which is so much in Penance's favor it boggled my mind. More damage, and it can heal on a shorter CD.

Level 24: Disc gets Divine Aegis

Level 28: Disc gets Spirit Shell

Level 30: Holy gets Spirit of Redemption. A passive that only becomes active if I die, which I won't while leveling or LFD.

Level 30: Disc gets Focused Will. A passive that will actually help keep me alive.

Level 34: Holy gets Serendipity. A passive that will slightly help with mana problems that don't really exist while leveling.

Level 36: Disc gets Inner Focus. A short, quite useful, CD.

Level 36: Holy gets Lightwell. A long CD, that unless glyphed, people will ignore.

Level 38: Disc gets Attonement. Which lets me heal while doing damage.

Breakdown before level 50:

-Divine Aegis (passive)
-Spirit Shell
-Inner Focus
-Attonement (passive)

-Spirit of Redemption (passive)
-Serendipity (passive)

Basically I have to wait until level 50 until Holy gets anything remotely useful that is specific to Holy when Circle of Healing comes into play. Even then Disc gets Archangel, which is just as useful. Everything else is shared between the specs.

Why is holy so bad before Chakras? Not that I mind too much, cause I'll just switch later on. But really, it just boggled my mind when I realized it.
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Some specs aren't really balanced well in the lower levels.

For example, Survival Hunters get literally nothing spec-specific from level 10 to 43, and the first one is Lock and Load, a passive ability. They don't get their first active ability until 50 (Black Arrow).

It sucks, but it's the way Blizzard decided to design it, they don't really care about low level balance too much. Besides, the lower levels are so easy that you can still blow through them in any spec.
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I'm a big fan of going disc til around 40...even if you plan to dps. Disc damage is quite high and they practically don't use mana...something that can't be said for low level shadow.

As for holy...yea there's nothing appealing about low level holy. You can certainly pull it off if that's the only spec you're interested in, it's not non-viable, but there really isn't anything to recommend about it until higher levels where spec playstyles start to emerge more.
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90 Human Priest
yeah like i said, i don't mind too much cause i can just go disc for a while.

but it would be cool if the starting spell for holy was something a little better than chastise.

maybe also give Holy access to the Rapid Renewal passive when they get Renew at lvl 26.
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