Possible Guild Xfer with some Server question

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Our Guild <Challenge Eccepted> is seeking to move servers, from Darkspear US. A Massive, mostly PvP server, now with Login Queues. We've found it impossible to progress on a PvP server of this size, and are looking for something much smaller.

We made a list of possible servers to go to, ones with a decent population, and progression somewhere near ours.

On this list was Ghostlands, and we don't know anything about the server.

So, what can you guys tell me about this server?

Few things I wish to know.
-Hows the On and Off server recruiting?
-Whats stopping current guilds from getting out of HoF and into Terrace? (Only 5 Guilds have been into Terrace)
-Is the trade chat filled with spam and trolls?
-How are the "Bigger" or "More Progressed Guilds" towards the smaller guilds.
-How good are most Random Pugs? For those nights where you can't fill a spot.
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Hey Pad, I've been on Ghostlands just long enough that I feel fairly comfortable answering your questions (or at least my opinion on the topics.)

1) On and off server recruiting is, to be honest, either feast or famine. There are tons of amazing players on Ghostlands, but a large majority of those players are currently with a group or guild that they have been playing with/gotten accustomed to. Off server recruiting is kind of hit-or-miss just like most other low-medium population servers.

2) In terms of progression, I personally cannot attest to why there are only a handful of guilds that are into ToES yet. If I were to guess, I would have to say that most other guilds on the server are fairly casual with no huge rush to clear content.

3) Trade chat is astonishingly vacant of trolls now-a-days. Don't get me wrong, there's the occasional "talking smack" but no hardcore trolls (or at least that I can think of off the top of my head.)

4) As far as how the server as a whole views the "bigger/more progressed" guilds, I truthfully cannot say. I have had limited interaction with other guilds on this server, aside from Keepers, Free Agents, some of Elyison and Ockhams Razor. Of those, I have raided with Keepers and Ockhams Razor either in PUGs or in guild runs where they just needed that 10th person. I cannot comment on how people view us, Meridian - the most progressed guild on the server. Hopefully someone else can comment and give you a more realistic expectation in terms of what we're about/how we're viewed.

5) Random PUGs have been surprisingly good. As I said earlier, there are tons of amazing players on Ghostlands, so in all reality that 10th person that you may have to PUG has a pretty good shot of being a good player.

I hope I've answered all of your questions, if you have any further questions, feel free to contact me, my Battletag is Destram#1953. I hope that you guys choose Ghostlands!
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01/09/2013 08:14 PMPosted by Padwanì
-Is the trade chat filled with spam and trolls?

I came here from Darkspear and I can tell you, Ghostlands tradechat is nothing like it is on Darkspear. Spam is rare and the trolls don't try as hard anymore.

01/09/2013 08:14 PMPosted by Padwanì
-How are the "Bigger" or "More Progressed Guilds" towards the smaller guilds.

We only have one big guild on Ghostlands and that is Meridian. I know my raid team has gotten useful advice a few times from them and occasionally they will go slumming on an alt and pop in one of our groups to fill a slot or so. Just do not click on any links posted by Destram, unless you like to see a video of a Jesus look-a-like singing a song about ducks.

01/09/2013 08:14 PMPosted by Padwanì
-How good are most Random Pugs? For those nights where you can't fill a spot.

In Keepers we have been trying to take advantage of our current position as second Alliance guild on the server so we have been recruiting as much as we can. I must be honest and say that there are more good players around than I had first thought. But we haven't had to pug outside of the guild for a while, in my group at least.

I've looked at your guild a little and notice that you are small in size(around 77 total members) So I take that a few of those are alts and I assume that your raid team is basically the core of the guild. Have you given any thought to maybe merging your guild with another guild on the new server you transfer to?

I am in no position whatsoever to make any offers, but I think there would be a lot both groups could gain from such a move. Having a deep roster of reliable and capable raiders will stop you from ever having to pug again.

Either way good luck with your upcoming move, wherever it may be.
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I feel the same way about Ghostlands as Destram#1953, it's a good home if you are looking for a large WoW family, everyone is friendly and know each other, great deal of good skilled players, most of the guilds didn't make it to ToES yet only because they are not hard core or even semi hard core and take raiding as a fun experience couple of nights a week and we have guilds that are just pure PVP oriented. Meridian is viewed as a hard core guild focused on progression and world ratings, for a couple of years players kept to themselves and didn't interact much with other guilds, but that has changed and now we get to enjoy company of very nice people.

You can add me too if you wish Jaineway#1981.
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But how do you all handle racism?
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Death to the Space Goats!

Human or GTFO.
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Mek !@#$, as for merging we wont be doing that simply because if we wanted to we could merge with Ruin on our current server, but 1 we dont wish to be a 25m and 2nd we dont want to lose what the few of us have built here in our guild. Thanks to the 3 of you who did reply it has been helpful. Again Mek you %^-*
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