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Tastes Like Burning has been around since classic. Back then though, our core players made up the core of Da Carebears. I mention this only to convey that we're very familiar with what it takes to progress through raid content, even when it took 40 players to do so. With this being the case, it means we're also a guild comprised of a bunch of older farts. While the downside to this means our geriatric arses are perhaps a little slower on the keys these days, the upside is that there is no drama to speak of. We all get along very well and provide a very comfortable environment.

Current Raiding Situation:

As the years have gone by, we've done like many other guilds out there. As raid groups have gotten smaller and real life has kicked in for many of our raiders, natural attrition has made it to where we've now found ourselves running 10 mans exclusively. Unfortunately, we've now hit the point where we either add a few new bodies to the roster, or we'll end up having to transfer, something that doesn't really appeal to us on the whole. Whatever ends up happening though, there's still enough of us who are interested in actual raid progression, that we'll do what we must to continue down that path.

Looking For:

Bottom line, we need to add at least 2-3 people to make sure we can get 3 raid nights in. Right now the best we've really managed to do is raid 1 night (Sunday) with any consistancy, but we absolutely want to expand this to no fewer than 2 raid nights and are really hoping to get back to 3. We have no doubt we're more than capable of progressing through raid content like we've always done, but as everyone knows, the number one key to make that happen is roster stability. Once we add some mass to the guild, we'll all openly discuss which nights make the most sense. We're just serious about getting back to smashing up baddies, and that's the number one goal here.

Preferred Classes/Specs:
Exclusive Healer (Shaman, Pally, Monk, Priest) - All fights
Hybrid Healer (Elemental/Resto Shaman, Healer/DPS Monk) - Must be able to go DPS on fights that really call for just 2 healers. If we're lucky enough to find a very talented and geared exclusive healer, this spot could end up being full time DPS on most fights.

Other Classes/Specs we don't have:
Hunter (Pew Pew spec)
Monk (DPS/Healer)
Warlock (Pew Pew spec)

What we don't need:

Current Active Roster:

Needeepnfire (Warrior MT)
KissMyAngus (Pally OT....yeah, this is me. We don't trust me to heal.)
Sodas (Resto Druid)
Drezdenn (Shadow Priest....he's having to do mostly healing right now, but wants to get back to DPS)
Shatoosh (Rogue)
Sluurge (Enhance Shammy)
Formulate (DK...he'd go back to using his resto Shammy as a main if we can't find an exclusive healer)
Hopeless (I think he's a mage, but he thinks he's a tank)
Belleza (Healing priest who wants to take time off from the game for personal reasons)
Skylynx (Thunder Chicken who has been limited in availability as of late)

We have 2 other people who are inconsistant and can fill in, but what I listed above is pretty much the group that is always ready to go. I know other recruiting guilds who post on here don't bother listing their active rosters, but I'm doing so to illustrate the point we have a very solid majority group that is consistantly ready and willing to raid. We just need a few other people to get us back on the right track.

Loot System and Raid Times:

With 10 raiders loot is really simple to handle. Communication is all it requires. Every person has a say. I talked about raid days above, but I wanted to mention that our raid times are between 7:00 and 10:00 server time. That's 8:00-11:00 Texas time for all my fellow Texans out there.

You can contact me in game on either Kissmyangus or Dragkhar, whether it be by whisper or mail. I'll usually respond :)

You can also add me to your friends list using Dragkhar#1698

TLDR Version:

WTB Good People to Kill Bad Things. PST
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