PvP Healers in 5.2 (Who will be on top?)

90 Draenei Shaman
I have every class around 90, not a FOTM person but i enjoy my Rshaman and Hpal, what heals do you think will be on top?
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15 Human Mage
I don't know! People say MW are at the bottom but I kick !@# on my MW in BGs and often survive situations I'm certain my other healers could not. People including the actual game developers said resto shaman were OP... but even before they were nerfed I feel like resto shaman were one of the easiest classes to completely shut down if you had people on them. Now if they're silenced or interrupted they can't even drop a totem... When they aren't shut down their mastery makes them one of the more dangerous healers of course...

I think resto druids, holy paladins, MW and shamans (even though I find being unable to cast totems while silenced incredibly stupid) will still be strong in different ways.

Giving holy priests focused will might help them come out of their dark hole. I thought they had nerfed holy spark, but they moved that to 2pc bonus and gave them a new 4pc (though I still think the 25sec reduction to chakra is useless as I described in another thread)... they also freed up a glyph making GS and PS castable while stunned baseline... so that'll be a nice change. Priest's definitely had to many PvP glyph choices. I hope holy priests are made to be a competitive PvP healer in 5.2 with the changes, I loved holy priest PvP in cata.
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90 Undead Mage
I'm hoping Disc Priests. I miss playing my Disc Priest =(

Hearing great things about Priests on PTR though. At least as far as PvP goes. PvE Disc seems to be nerfed pretty hard. But I don't PvE so....
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90 Undead Priest
Since they are nerfing SPriests a bit, I do hope Holy or Disc comes back, i miss healing.
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80 Human Priest
All the healers are good on the PTR with disc being the best after the latest round of changes. MW are probably the next best. Shaman and Paladins are both really good still.

Resto Druids are getting some major changes so it's hard to say how they will be. Most of their best comps feature a mage on live, and now they will not mesh well with mages at all.
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90 Undead Priest
So disc is looking good? I really hope so. I just spent $32 on a re-roll. If shadow dies then i'd go back to my healing days which was more fun.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I am curious as to how holy is doing because it didn't seem like we got any changes
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