I am a 486 item level surv. hunter that has been raiding since BC. During the Burning Crusades I raided with the 25 man raiding guild Immortalis. This continued on into Wrath where we continued through Nax and Toc but due to real life issues amongst the guild we all went our different ways and I joined Mouth for War and like most of the rest of the server plowed through ICC. We continued to raid together through mid Firelands when I had to step out because of a promotion/shift change that rendered me incapable of raiding late night. Which brings me to present day. I have currently only experienced the raid finder versions of any mop content and I am more than happy to grind my way through from the very start of raids with any guild that wishes to make a serious but fun run at end game content. My attendance has always been 95% or better and I always come to raid with more than just my fair share of consumables. At this point I would be willing to consider a faction change if the raiding offer is a good enough fit to my schedule. As it stands I can raid any day of the week and willing to raid as many days as the guild would like. However and this being the only drawback I have. I am a 26 year old 3rd shift maintenance worker so I absolutly can not raid past 9pm server time. My perfect time frame would be anywhere in the realm of 3pm server time to 9pm server time but the starting time is still debatable as i can adjust my sleep schedule.
To answer the question of why I don't just try and form my own raiding guild around that time frame. The short answer is I have been trying for months but due to scheduling conflicts and general lack of availability from the members that I could gather in 3 to 4 members at a time before they would stop playing or leave for better options I could not gather enough people to start. If this post does spike some interest among the 3rd shift community on the scarlet crusade please let me know because I am still more than happy to gather members for the early evening raid group.
So that is my short but bitter sweet tale of Charferad the Night Elf hunter. Please feel free to contact me ingame via whisper or mail or just post on the forum.
Thank you for your time and consideration