The Forsaken Legion is a casual, friendly raiding guild with about a small group of active members that has over the years evolved into a very fun and positively tight knit community.

We have a 10 man raiding team that is currently in need of:

- A skilled healer (even better with a dps off-spec) pref. a Druid, Monk or Shammy.
- 2 ranged dps (60k dps with excellent raid awareness and you are golden) pref. lock, ele sham, mage or boomkin.

Our team has, despite only recently overcoming an issue of poor attendance, reached 4/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF. With a 4% wipe on Elegon. Due to a re-rostering of our grp with a decent chunk of our team leaving due to irl commitments our progression has held at this for the last few weeks as we have been filling the gaps.

Raid times:

Thursday 7.30-9.30pm ST
Sunday 7.00-9.00pm ST

For applicants who are new to the MoP raiding scene, put in the work and effort, and you will see nothing but support and help from us. This includes researching and learning about your class, gemming/enchanting your gear, and not being afraid to say "Hey I want to do better, can anyone lend a hand?".

We are a guild that likes to have fun, but remains mature and tasteful in guild conduct. There is zero tolerance for any racism, homophobia, or any type of unwarrented descrimination.

Leave a reply here, or message me or any officers listed in our guild roster (found by clicking my guild's name, then Roster) in game via in game mail or whisper.