Greetings Alliance, I would like to put together a small raid in order to complete the quest "A Change of Command" which is the final step in the Wrathion legendary questline for 5.1.

We are required to kill the commanding orc at the Domination Point.
The quest requires "Many" allies, but a group as small as 5 can complete it from what I have read about it on other sites.

I plan on trying to put this together on Friday 1/25/13 around 8pm server time.
I will be happy to tank if we need it.

The fight itself is pretty simple I will need at least ONE healer, and the rest DPS. Of course the more we have the quicker this thing will go.
The mechanics are the dps need to stack close to boss, to negate his charge ability.
if you get his debuff you will get an action button thats called "Get it out" just press that if you get the debuff.

EZ stuff from what I have read so far.

Anyways if you are interested just post in this thread or you can whisper me in game, I will be in a city at 8 (or a tad after) Hope to see you there