Methodical LF a warlock and mage.

90 Orc Hunter
<Methodical> is recruiting for 25 man raids. We raid three nights a week.

Currently Recruiting:
-Ranged DPS

Raid times:
Tues, Thursday: 8pm-11pm EST
Sunday: 8pm-11pm EST (cleanup day)

We currently have 28 raiders, and have a rotating bench. No one is expected to sit out the entire night, and dkp is accumulated while sitting on a fight. We do expect you to know your class, do your own research, and come prepared.

Feel free to send me an in game tell or apply at:
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90 Tauren Death Knight
zomg Kery, haii
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90 Orc Death Knight
Killing heroics and still looking for a few Quality ranged dps !
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60 Human Death Knight
ok let's get this !@#$ straight.

I'm pro life. I'm not "anti-choice".

You see, the pro-choice crowd says "You're against a woman having the right to chose what she does with her body." What if the choice was "You're against a woman having the right to chose to kill her child"? EVERYONE WOULD BE AGAINST THAT

So let's go over a few things. 1. Is it a human life? Yes. It is composed of human DNA and given time, this little fetus will eventually grow to become a human just like you.

But let me ask you this. Have you seen the Saw series? Are you aware of the scene where the junkie slam's a door on a woman's belly and she begins to bleed and her baby dies?

By rational standards, why are we sympathetic to her? It's because her child dies.

Now I'm more accepting than most. I'm abandoned almost all of my younger morals except my stance on abortion. I believe it is fascist feminist violence to the furthest degree. It plays upon the belief that pro-lifers are somewhat arrogant (most are) and living in the 1920's, when woman's sole role was for reproduction.

So we let everyone have abortion. Granted, some kids would grow up with miserable parents and abortion has been known to reduce the crime rate, so everyone is happy.

Yet, my favorite president Barack Obama has opted for the partial birth abortion legislation. I can understand certain sections of the abortion legislation because I don't believe we have methods to support 1 million unwanted children every year. But D&X is the most perverse procedure in the history of medicine and I'll never come to terms with it. I believe it's inhumane and I'm not going to tell anyone, including my daughter, what to do, but just for personal conviction, I don't support it and never will.

that's just my opinion.
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90 Pandaren Warrior
Efficient raiding is just a few clicks away...
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90 Goblin Mage
Still looking for a few skilled DPS.
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60 Human Death Knight
what does this guild and my ex have in common?

10,000 gold to whoever answers this correctly
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85 Tauren Warrior
A better life.
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