The Singing Lady ((Open RP))

27 Night Elf Hunter
Elvador silently walked over in front of the man, and his pet wolf followed, adding to the wall around him.He stared solemnly at the robber like he wasn't worth his time, but he wanted to help hi sister more or less.He shook his head sadly and the robber and continued to stand his ground.
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Mistarvaxan slipped out of the shadows between Elvador and Mistarvaxan adding another to the protective shield,and unsheathed her daggers, crouching into a combat stance, waiting for her moment to strike.
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34 Night Elf Mage
Ryelth half teleported half stumbled in front of the barkeep, adding to the end of the circle and smiling his goofy grin,then felt his sisters elbow and tried to look serious,"What you robbing this here man for?" he asked inquisitively,and called his frost elemental to his side, along with his arcane familiar,mana wyrm,and fire elemental.Now their was a protective circle around the poor man made up of a rouge, an angry druid in bear form, a hunter and his pet wolf,and a mage with his various magic "pets". It was an odd yet dangerous bunch, and the robber didn't stand a chance.
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33 Human Paladin
Orik chuckled at the "creative" help offered by the Kaldorei. He decided the situation wouldn't escalate much farther and if so he could easily put an end to it. Orik returned to his seat and waited to be served.

(Btw I'm a dwarf not a human. Shoulda made that clear. My bad. :))
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25 Night Elf Druid
(edited it :Dwarf :P)

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34 Goblin Rogue
The goblin cast a long, pointy eared shadow across the wooden floor of the tavern as she pushed the door open with both hands. In her right fist was a letter, clutched so tightly if it had a higher carbon content it would have become a diamond. She staggered to the bar, not already drunk but her body felt useless crippled by the weight of the words she'd just read. But gosh she was going to drink them away. Climbing onto a barstool she hailed the bartender halfheartedly "Banana cocktail, please. Make it a double and keep 'em comin'!"

She cupped her chin in her hand and rested it on her elbow...or tried. Even in the seat she was still eye level with the bar. "And...maybe someone get me a booster seat? If it's not too much trouble..."
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The goblin shaman slid through the door of the bar and slipped up to the counter "A...umm...mead please..." She said nervously as her ferret-like eyes darted to the door and around the bar, as if looking for someone that she didn't want to find her."Oh.. And the m most sm smallest r room you g gg got." She stuttered.She quickly slid her trembling hand across the table and left a silver and a few copper. She then looked around again studying all the people with cloaks or hoods.
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100 Worgen Druid
((Sorry! I've been really busy!))
Maraph let out a sigh of releif knowing now that a fight would not break out. He turned back to the other worgen who had asked him a question about his use of the word 'stuck' and answered, "Its a long story. As I'm sure you know the curse makes you age abit slower than a normal human but for some reason when I was bitten while I age internally, meaning my bones and organs, I will always look like a seventeen year old boy while in my human form. Its not that bad. At least I dont have to worry about wrinkles." He added the last part with a chuckle and sat back down next to Misa, hoping their food orders would get there soon.
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100 Blood Elf Rogue
Overhearing Maraph talk about how he is cursed from a nearby table. The Blood Shinobi jump up from their booth and spring into action. They head over to Maraph's table.

"Stand back! This boy is cursed!" The team leader shouts to Maraph's company.

Marah tries to explain himself but is quickly overwhelmed by the Blood Shinobi. Without much resistance they bound and gag the boy. The Blood Shinobi then throw Marah in a giant sac and begin to drag him outside.
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Marah tries to explain himself but is quickly overwhelmed by the Blood Shinobi. Without much resistance they bound and gag the boy. The Blood Shinobi then throw Marah in a giant sac and begin to drag him outside. [/quote]

Godmod much?
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