Enclosed:video of us slaughtering SW denizens

90 Blood Elf Paladin
A few weeks ago we decided to trash yo guards and auctioneers and what not (this happens usually every couple of weeks). This time I decided to record our four hour massacre and put it up on YouTube.

Make sure to either be encouraged or upset by this video so that we can further perpetuate world PvP and the joy and sorrow that it brings.

Also, we're looking for more people to do some organized wPvP with. You don't have to join our guild and we probably won't join yours but if this kind of action interests you, contact any of us in game, preferably by mail. Right now there are only three of us. The spriest in the video was good for killing guards but fully PvE geared in blues and greens and the monk was busy buying weed for most of it. More than three people would allow us to do bigger things.

Here's the link:
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90 Human Warlock
i like your editing, but not the music so much

anyways nice vid, and would like to see some open world pvp ones for sure w/ no guards
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90 Night Elf Druid
i actually don't mind the music...

But I find the part where you're about to die one on one versus Nightshard (around 5:02 into "film") particularly entertaining - whew! Thank goodness you had 3 people to help you kill him.

Just a quick question, when you take into account the mismatch between horde and alliance numbers... is killing SW guards and an occasional lone player really worthy of an hour long video?


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90 Blood Elf Paladin
That mage that was running from me? There was never any danger to my life, but I thank you for your concern.

In terms of mismatched players/unbalance/qq, I think 4 of us vs your guards and players and also CRZ players in tram is about as good as it gets. Trust me, we yearn to kill more players, you're just never on! Yesterday we were in Goldshire fighting 4v7 plus guards, so that was fun. Thankfully CRZ bolsters up your numbers. Tell your fellow alliance to defend their city and I'll make another video just for you :).

Also, check 32:00 and beyond for some of the better lawls. The tram sections are gold.
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S key more lol
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11 Tauren Shaman
You are from Morior Invictus youre as casual as it gets
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