PVP Disc priest or , holy pally

61 Blood Elf Paladin
Hello all. Im thinking of leveling a healing alt. I main and arms warrior and alt a dk atm. I have an 81 disc priest that ive had alot of fun with low level bgs.. I find my disc priest pretty easy to use. although i know its not near to full potential. now i started leveling this pally and i too like the style of healing. ive tried shammy and rdruid as well and dont like it one bit tbh

So far i feel like disc is a mix of absorbs, heals, and damage, relying on pw:s mainly while pally is bursty heals , holy shock and eternal flame are pretty strong and bursty for insta cast. im failrly new to wow and just i like healing when i dps all week long. heals make me feel more heroic for my team and annoying to the enemy..

I just want a person with more xp to better describe the pros and cons of each class for me, which has higher skill cap, less gear dependant, and which one does well in arenas and rbgs, whats each classes specialty.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Well I can say if you're looking for a healer that isn't gear dependent, you won't find it in a disc priest... but if you put in the time to get geared up, they're probably only going to get better as the expansion goes on.
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