DPSer wants to learn healing..best for 5.2?

90 Gnome Warlock
I want to start healing RBG and possibly arena 2's and 3's when I'm ready. (of course will be wanting to do dungeons and raids as well, just not as freq)

1. I have a 90 pally I could respec as holy. (Originally a ret pally that i sheveld and rerolled this warlock bc the ret pally dps was clunky and atrocious IMO.)

2. I have a 70 Resto/boomy druid- I like the instant hots and mobility healing, however oom issues and also it sounds like Resto Druids are going to be garbage after 5.2.

3.i have a 44 priest. Originally started as spriest, and just backburnered in favor of another dps toon. I could respec as disc or holy.

4. Or should I start a fresh R shammy?

I realize the subjectivity of this issue, however which class and spec is going to be a good healer for RBG's and such come 5.2. I don't want to spend my time leveling up a healer, only to be disappointed with them after 5.2 and at level 90.
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90 Blood Elf Priest
Your Paladin or Druid would probably be fine for RBGs and Arenas.
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90 Gnome Warlock
1 thing I dislike about the druid is I have trouble getting people off me when trying to heal. And it sounds like typhoon or cyclone is getting nerfed.

I find 3 things very attractive with disc priest,
1. Pw shield
2. Heals (HoT) just like with R Druid. And flash heals.
3. Most important..... Fears. A nice way to cc others while I'm trying to heal.

Also leveling might be easier bc the disc priest is capable of more dps I believe, than say the R Druid.

I prob need to just respec disc and give it whirl for a couple of weeks I guess, and see how it feels compared to the druid. I've never tried it before.

The druid is nice bc of mobility and stealth. However too much shape shifting and ability changing just gives me a headache sometimes.
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90 Gnome Monk
Being someone who's always been a healer I'll give you my 2 cents on your RBG healer choice :)

I picked up MoP rather late so I've only been 1800ish this season due to lagging gear, but the current state of healers in RBGs is something like...
Monks->strongest overall healers, best throughput, great survival, and getting buffs next patch(rofl every RBG group will want a MW come next patch, I promise you that)

Holy paladin->groups tend to prefer a pally with FC for freedoms and strong single target heals, sac, etc...you won't come near a monk's healing, but most groups run at least one holy pally. There's also a TON of holy pallies so IMO you're better off rolling one of the other classes

Resto shaman->I'd be lying if I said I know much about em. I know in arena they dominate but in RBGs I think they lack the capacity to put out the level of healing a monk/druid/h-priest can.

Resto druid->strong throughput, good survival with ToL CD, strong mobility

Holy priest->maybe better overall throughput than monks next season once holy priests get 30% blessed resilience and can actually survive. You have a lot of instant heals as a holy priest and some solid CDs to help the raid(glyphed lightwell, divine hymn, GS)

Disc->really strong single target heals. IMO much harder to heal an RBG with due to less instants than holy. CDs arent nearly as effective as holy's CDs.

So to sum it all up, I think most groups are going to want either a MW monk or holy priest, maybe both come 5.2. Both should out-heal all the other specs in a group situation and hopefully the 30% blessed resilience will be enough to keep h-priests alive. I notice you're considering disc, but for RBGs the many instants holy has are awesome. You don't tend to do much DPS as a healer in RBGs, but next patch holy priests will be able to swap chakras every 5 seconds and that means swapping to a very solid DPS chakra if you choose to.

And groups tend to go after priests and shamans first. That may change next patch when priests get the 30% blessed resil passive, but on the flipside, I rarely get targeted first as a monk, and even if they do target me I have some great escape abilities.

So yeah, I'm recommending MW monk or holy priest. Holy paladin and resto druids are very solid as well, but neither will have the throughput of a MW or h-priest. GL and please don't be bad :P Use mouseover macros :D
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90 Human Priest
My biggest question is - have you ever healed at end game before?

If not, it might feel like a culture shock with all the new spells you have to keep in mind and setting everything up.

You and me have the same issues with Ret Pallys. :) In Cata I was a solely a tank for quite a while and then went to Holy. Even with decent gear, experience healing on my Shammy and a friend tanking for me it was a bit painful to switch at first. Just keep this in mind. It does get better with practice but wow it felt completely foreign having tanked as a Pally for years.

I would try the Pally first to be honest and practice healing in normals with a friend (or more) to get the hang of how things work. To be honest it's a lot easier to learn healing if you level a toon up to heal instead of just jumping in with both feet.

Along with that, Gnom above me has awesome advice and prehaps a Monk would be more to your liking if you can deal with leveling all over again. As a healer it's fast and I normally chain run 5 mans if I'm leveling a healer or tank for practice unless there's a zone I really like.

Edit - I meant to add that even now if I'm queue for a 5 man I quest in disc. (I really don't have shadow gear since I prefer healing right now so what you see in my armory is my healing gear). It goes well actually, isn't all that slow and wow, can you survive a lot of stuff. Keep in mind you can off spec shadow and run around in that for questing. The reason I do keep in my healing spec is that I never know what I'm zoning into with a 5 man and better safe then sorry.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
01/24/2013 05:47 AMPosted by Calamai
To be honest it's a lot easier to learn healing if you level a toon up to heal instead of just jumping in with both feet.

Couldn't agree more with this. It was a big shock when I first started healing in MoP.
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90 Human Paladin
Rdruids are going to be garbage in 5.2? They are getting huge buffs.
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90 Human Paladin
FOLLOWING COMMENTS REGARD PVP. Depends entirely on play style. All healers are going to be fairly equal by the looks of it in 5.2.

Holy Pally game play involves a lot of instant heals with the occasional cast. They have a good amount of survivability and decent cc. Good class to start healing with.

Resto Druids are a bit more active with cc and definitely more susceptible to burst. They rely more on hots where holy pallies are instants. Because they are so susceptible to burst i wouldn't recommend starting with one + you have to be pretty good at timing cc.

Disc and holy should both be viable for priests in 5.2. In the past they have been easy to focus but i think they will be pretty durable in the coming season so i'd recommend them as well.

Resto shamans will also be quite viable but they are fairly susceptible to being focused. Rely on a combination of instant casts, hots and casts. Also if your new to healing it might be much to have totems on the side.

I haven't played a monk but from what i've seen they have unmatched mobility and are getting fairly buffed.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
I'm surprised you want to start healing in PvP right now to be honest.
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90 Human Paladin
01/26/2013 02:10 AMPosted by Taymage
I'm surprised you want to start healing in PvP right now to be honest.

Healing in 2s is alright if you like long games. Healing 3s is a disaster... but i find healing rbgs to be the funnest.
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