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So anyone who has spent any amount of time in trade for the last 2 weeks has probably seen me spamming for Challenge Runs. Anyway this is just a thread to let the 4 people who ignore trade (or me! do game ignores even carry to forums i wonder?) in case they want to join.

I attempt to get challenge runs together thursday - monday (i raid typically tuesday/wensday, but if others want to run them, feel free to set them up).

They are harder than heroics, your gear is reduced to 463 (not upgraded, and your legendary gems are removed), and a few mobs are added in places. Know this going in, your not going to steamroll it for gold.

anyway, there are some basic rules for the groups that i typically run with.
-Must have vent, mic is no required, just the ability to listen to me yell at you endlessly for my mistakes. We already have a server, so you just need the client.
-Must have no gear with an ilvl of under 463 with all relevant gems and enchants (excluding legendary). All gear is reduced to 463, yes, but they aren't upgraded to it. Seeing as this is a PUG, we want players who have at least these pieces to show they have played the class at 90 for a while.
-None of the above gear should be PVP, you lose 1 stat for the pvp power/resi, and they are useless in PVE, again no point in nerfing the group pretty hard right from the start.
-Know what CC your class has, and what glyphs/talents you may need to use them. While not every instance requires CC, it is helpful in some.
-Be ok with dying and resetting a few times. There is no repair bill so it isnt gonna cost you and arm and a leg to repair. Also this is a PUG run, the goal is to finish, medals would be nice (and ive gotten a few in PUGs), but ultimately finishing is the goal.
-Have time for them. If you glance at the challenge run times, a few of them are over 2 hours long (not any of my groups, id have banged my head into a wall at that point), but typically mine are about 60-90 mins, not counting a reset or two if we fail hard at the start.
-Ignore my perfect grammar. Seriously i dont care :)

If these things seem remotely fun to you, hit me up in game one day when im spamming :P
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