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100 Human Mage
Team Goal
We are a serious progression-based raiding team with an interest in clearing content with a maximum of efficiency, while still having an enjoyable time while doing so. We are currently recruiting members for our 10-Man team, with a possible 25-Man team forming if we get the sufficient numbers to create one.

Raiding Agenda
Once Patch 5.2 is released, we plan to start doing trash runs and boss attempts for the new Throne of Thunder raid, as well as LFR attempts within the first couple weeks in order to make sure the team's fight knowledge is sufficient.

Raiding Schedule
Our current raiding schedule is as follows:

Tuesday @ 6:00 - 9:00 PM PST/Realm Time
Wednesday @ 6:00 - 9:00 PM PST/Realm Time
Thursday @ 6:00 - 9:00 PM PST/Realm Time

Team Recruitment Requirements
Currently, we are looking for:

Tanks Needed:

DPS Needed:

Healers Needed:
- 2 Slots Open Currently
Holy Priest (Preferred)
Restoration Shaman
Holy Paladin
(All Healer applications will be reviewed and considered promptly)

Team Prerequisites
We currently require all members to have a minimum Item Level of 485. We also require all members to have their gear fully gemmed, enchanted, and reforged appropriately.

Team Policy

1) Please be at the instance at 6:00 PM Realm Time sharp. We will not be wasting time on
summoning people, so please be prepared at the designated raid times.

2) Absence will not be tolerated. If, for whatever reason, you know you will be absent for a raid, please inform either the Raid Leader or a designated Official ahead of time. Failure to do so will result in a Warning being issued to the player. A second infraction will result in expulsion from the team. No excuses, no second chances.

3) Please be prepared for the raid. This means having full enchants, gems, and reforging. We will be more lenient for the more expensive stuff, but please try to have it nonetheless. Feel free to ask your fellow guildies if you need any of these prior to the raid.

4) Flasks will be provided during the raid. DO NOT waste them on trash pulls. Save them for the boss.

5) Food will be provided prior to pulling each boss. I will not be telling people to eat the feasts. If you are too blind or too stupid to locate and use the feast, then we will find someone else who isn't. No Excuses.

6) Please be prepared to access the guild's Mumble server. We will be discussing key raid strategies and tactics via this.

7) We will be taking raids nice and slow, having fun, and trying to get some progression. Please be patient and expect many, many wipes.

Team Information
If at any point you require more information regarding the team or its events, you can find it all over on the Guild's official website (to be disclosed upon acceptance to the team). Such information includes Raid Rosters, Gear Audit Information, Raid Team Policy, and Fight Guides for upcoming encounters.

How To Contact Us
If you are interested in joining our team, you have three ways to get in contact with us, which are:

1) Reply to this post in the WoW Forums
2) Send a Private Message to Chrisjahn in-game
3) Send a in-game Mail to Chrisjahn

We will answer all enquiries and applications as quickly as possible. We greatly look forward to having new members on the team.
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100 Human Mage
Bumping this thread due to improved recruitment message.
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