Newly formed 10 man raiding group is LF a healer (preferably a monk/pally/druid) but a priest would be ok as well.
Groups raiding times are sat 1-4 and sund 4-7
If you cant make the times consistenly but would be interested in being a sub thats fine

You must have raiding experience on one of your toons at least 8-9 bosses in and have some gear (helping you gear one of your alts is ok as long as its around 470ish)

This group plans to be doing content fast even though we only raid 2 times a week. That being said you are expected to be on time and prepared to raid. Also as we progress watching future fights is expected if you are unfamiliar to them

If your a exceptional dps and interested we might be able to fit you in.

If interested please send me a tell in game or send me a letter at least
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